5 Fun Gifts for Star Wars Fans

It can be hard to locate just the right holiday gifts for the people in your life, but with such a huge character base to draw from every fan should find a little Disney something under their tree. If you're currently hunting for the perfect present to give your Star Wars fan, then MickeyFix.com has the lists that you don't want to go shopping without! In no particular order, these are my 5 favorite Star Wars Gifts to give to your aspiring Jedi or Sith Lord this holiday season.

5 Fun Gifts For Star Wars Fans5 Fun Gifts For Star Wars Fans
Star Wars Family Decals: You know you want this on the back of your mini-van. A stocking stuffer that no Star Wars loving Mom should go without. These Star Wars family car decals come in a pack of 50 stickers with 19 distinct characters so you can get your family dynamic just right.

Star Wars Family Car DecalsStar Wars Family Car Decals

Star Wars Beverage Gift Set: Has it turned into an ice planet where you live yet? Why not spend your winter nights cuddled up in front of a fire place sipping Hoth Cocoa with the one you love. Just imaging a big warm Wookiee hug in your cup. Okay, on second thought maybe you should just stir it up with a peppermint stick.

Star Wars BeveragesStar Wars Beverages

The Jedi Path: A training manual for the bedside of every would be Jedi. This book will get them started down the light path to becoming a Jedi Knight. With it's fun hand written annotations by famous Jedi that have gone before, you'll be sure to have all the inside information. As a little light reading or a primer for living the Jedi way this is sure to delight most of the fan boys and girls on your list.

Jedi Training ManualJedi Training Manual

Lightsaber Umbrellas: And you thought a lightsaber was just a weapon. No sir! This model is a handy umbrella that let's the world know you mean business. The Black canopies are emblazoned with either the Jedi or Imperial insignia and three different handles to choose from, so that you can declare your allegiance for universal good or evil. You know you've always wanted to use the force to keep rain drops from falling on your head.

Lightsaber UmbrellasLightsaber Umbrellas

Voice Activated R2D2: Doesn't everyone need an android to follow them around the house? This voice activated model R2 may be the ultimate gift to spoil your fan with. It obeys more than 40 voice commands, plays games, answers questions, and does so much more! His motion sensor can even act as a sentry to guard your slumber.

Voice Activated R2D2Voice Activated R2D2

If you think these are fun finds, you have got to head over to MickeyFix.com and tell Jen we sent you because she's got so much more of the force to share. A new Disney goodie posting every single day, it's true, MickeyFix.com has tabs on "All the Disney stuff you never knew you needed" so stop by today and say hello.

Are any of these great Star Wars Gifts going on your gift list? Leave a comment and let us know which one you want the most!

didyoucall911 wrote on Wed, 11/21/2012 - 06:22:

didyoucall911's picture

Don't think I need the decals at this point in my life, but feel free to buy me any of the other 4

MrHub wrote on Wed, 11/21/2012 - 10:58:

MrHub's picture

I like the umbrella. I'd take one.

Kristen K. wrote on Wed, 11/21/2012 - 13:59:

Kristen K.'s picture

If I could program that R2 to make the coffee every morning and bring me a cup, I would *so* be sold.

The Cookie Crumbler wrote on Thu, 11/22/2012 - 13:12:

The Cookie Crumbler's picture

Oh my goodness, Dark Side Roast hahaha! I'd get that in a second.

JoAnn C wrote on Thu, 11/22/2012 - 18:32:

JoAnn C's picture

I want the Obi-Wan umbrella.

skywalker wrote on Fri, 06/05/2015 - 09:17:

skywalker's picture

Great gadgets, love the real size r2, wonder who has those in their home techtorpedo

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