The Best Snacks in Epcot’s World Showcase

There is no shortage of great eats at Epcot, and most of them can be found in World Showcase. Thanks to this amazing variety of food and drink, one of the best ways to experience the countries in World Showcase is to snack you way through the pavilions.

Eat and drink your way through the World Showcase!Eat and drink your way through the World Showcase!

Now this might seem like a daunting task, but it's just the food version of Drinking Around the World and you should definitely invite friends or family along for the ride. To accomplish this culinary feat you and your friends can select one (or two items) in each World Showcase pavilion and share the bounty.

I never thought about experiencing Epcot this way until my family and I took the plunge and tried it last fall. To aid you in your quest for all things delicious in World Showcase, we're sharing some of our favorite items from every pavilion. Let's dig in!

Let's start our tour in Canada where you can grab a quick treat in the gift shop of the pavilion, or stop by the Popcorn Cart for a beer (or a coffee from the coffee cart if that's more your style).

Grab a snack at this cart near the Canada pavilionGrab a snack at this cart near the Canada pavilion

And now the real eating begins!

At the United Kingdom pavilion we recommend the Yorkshire County Fish Shop where you'll find the best fish and chips at Disney World. Just order the fish and chips and skip dessert as you'll need to save room eats and drinks in the rest of World Showcase. I'd suggest a drink or two from the Rose and Crown Pub to go with the fish and chips.

Fish and Chips is a must in the United Kingdom!Fish and Chips is a must in the United Kingdom!

France is one of those pavilions where it is really, really difficult to decide what to eat. Just about everything at Les Halles is delicious (a favorite is the cheese plate with a baguette) or you can pop into L'Artisans des Glaces for a sweet ice cream treat. Look for the seasonal flavors and the seasonal macaron ice cream sandwiches!

Need to quench your thirst? Try a Grand Marnier Slush or a Grey Goose Slush.

Grand Marnier Slush in France!Grand Marnier Slush in France!

Morocco is another pavilion with a lot of delicious options, especially from the Tangierine Cafe (one of our favorite quick service spots). But eating around the World takes discipline, so something small is a good idea. Think: baklava or maybe a cool and refreshing Moroccorita!

Next up is Japan and one of our favorite quick snacks here is steamed rice and vegetables. It's healthy and you'll save some much-needed calories for the next few pavilions. Sushi is also a good choice here, and the Katsura Grill is a delicious quick service spot. The outdoor kiosk is where you'll find Mochi Ice Cream Bon Bons. And if you're looking for a really yummy cold snack we recommend the Kakigori from the Kabuki Cafe.

Rice and steamed veggies from Japan!Rice and steamed veggies from Japan!

The American Adventure pavilion is nice because not only is it the half-way point in your food adventure, but it's our favorite spot to snack on a Funnel Cake (especially at this time of year when the seasonal Pumpkin Spice Funnel Cake is available)! The standard funnel cake with powdered sugar is always delicious, but if you have a chance to try a specialty funnel cake, do that!

A great cool drink (that also doubles as a sweet treat) is the American Dream: vanilla soft serve layered between red and blue slushy!

Cookies and Cream Funnel CakeCookies and Cream Funnel Cake

If you like sweets the next couple of pavilions will cure your sweet tooth and then some!

In Italy we would either choose a glass of wine or the Coppa Delizia which features three scoops of gelato (cookies and creem, Fior de Latte, and strawberry) topped with strawberry sauce, whipped cream, and whole strawberries. It's best to share this with as many folks as possible.

And then there's Germany, home of "too many good things to eat," otherwise known as Karamell Kuche. Honestly, just about everything in the bakery case at Karamell-Kuche is worth the calories, but our favorites are the Caramel Corn, Chocolate-Covered Sea Salt Caramel, and the Caramel Roll with Marshmallow Cream.

Watch the caramel corn being made at Karamell-KucheWatch the caramel corn being made at Karamell-Kuche

If sweets aren't your thing, we recommend a beer and a hand-twisted pretzel (or a bratwurst).

As you head toward China, you can cool off with a Frozen Elephant at the Refreshment Cool Post. This super cool drink combines Coca-Cola, creamy Amarula liqueur, and milk. It's delicious and refreshing!

Speaking of yummy drinks, that's what we're talking about in the China pavilion. Two favorites reign supreme here: Tipsy Ducks in Love or Bubble Milk Tea, both at Joy of Tea. Tipsy Ducks in Love features alcohol and is a combo of iced coffee, tea, Jim Beam, and whipped cream and it's a true cult classic. The Bubble Milk Tea is all the rage now and it's another can't-miss favorite!

Bubble Milk from Joy of Tea in China pavilionBubble Milk from Joy of Tea in China pavilion

When you slowly make your way to Norway (you're probably pretty full by now), go for something small like our long-time favorite School Bread or Rice Cream with Strawberry topping. The good thing about the School Bread? You can get one for now and one for later because it is a great grab-and-go breakfast item!

And finally, you've made it to the Mexico pavilion! Celebrate your food and drink quest with a delicious margarita at La Cava and if you still have room we recommend the chips and queso at La Cava too.

Avocado Margarita in Mexico's La CavaAvocado Margarita in Mexico's La Cava

Now that's one way to travel around World Showcase. Of course you can also start your day in Mexico and work your way around to Canada. Have you ever eaten your way through World Showcase when it isn't Food and Wine Festival time? Let us know in the comments. We'd love to hear your favorite items to eat in each pavilion.

For more Epcot snack ideas be sure to check out the DFB Guide to Epcot Snacks!

Many thanks to the Disney Food Blog for use of their photos.

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