Create Your Own Haboti Silk Scarves At The Art Corner In Disney Springs

Looking for a fun hands on project that lets you go home from vacation with a beautiful souvenir? Then head on over to The Art Corner at Disney Springs. Located within the Marketplace section of Disney's sprawling shopping, dining, and entertainment complex The Art Corner is set up to allow guests to explore creative concepts while experience creating original pieces of art.

Create Your Own Haboti Silk ScarvesCreate Your Own Haboti Silk Scarves

Following a Disney trend of customized souvenirs The Art Corner offers a variety of fun one of a kind options for guests to make or have made. One of the options you can find at the location is learning the ancient Japanese art of marbling on silk.

The Art Corner At Disney SpringsThe Art Corner At Disney Springs
Several Creative Arts Are Practiced At the Art CornerSeveral Creative Arts Are Practiced At the Art Corner

If you want to take an active part in making your souvenir, be sure to check out the unique hands-on marbling activity. Suminigashi is an ancient form of marbling that originated in Japan in around the twelfth century. At The Art Center you'll learn from a professional artisan to create a custom-made silk scarf designed just for you. The best part? You really can't mess it up and each scarf comes out beautifully.

There Are Many Beautiful Color CombinationsThere Are Many Beautiful Color Combinations
Scarves Com In Two SizesScarves Com In Two Sizes

Marbling fabrics is the art of floating paints on top of a thick solution, called size, manipulating the paints into patterns, then transferring the pattern to an object by gently placing the object on top of the paints. The Art Corner has a variety of items you can choose from for you to marble.

Some recent options include:

  • Create beautiful masa paper or mat board.
  • Marble a small head scarf.
  • Create a large scarf or table runner.
  • Dip a Christmas tree ornament.

Scarf Marbling TableScarf Marbling Table

If you're looking for a fun activity that doesn't cost too much money and lets you go home with a one-of-a-kind souvenir be sure to stop by The Art Center at Disney Springs.

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