Drinking Absinthe at AbracadaBAR On Disney's BoardWalk

Absinthe is a mysterious drink steeped in legend and folklore, but was it the key to the disappearance of a secret club of magicians who once made their home on Disney's BoardWalk? According to The Boardwalk Bugle (hanging on a wall in the bar) on November 13, 1940 a group of BoardWalk illusionists and entertainers vanished into thin air right in this place - never to be heard from again. Now you too can step inside BoardWalk's New AbracadaBAR to get a taste of the mysterious Elixr 13, and discover what remains of this most mysterious group.

A New Place To Wet Your Whistle On The BoardwalkA New Place To Wet Your Whistle On The BoardWalk

Nestled inside AbracadaBAR guests will be able to unwind in a lavish space decorated with ornate and magical style. Plush red curtains trimmed in gold tassels hang across the etched windows, deep wood paneling rises from the intricately tiled floor, and a custom damask print wall paper (that is full of optical illusions) create a base for the fun.

The Interior of AbracadaBAR is Lush and MysteriousThe Interior of AbracadaBAR is Lush and Mysterious

Displayed on the walls of the bar are in tools of the magicians trade that were left behind on that fateful November night. Shadowboxes of memories frozen in time offer a collection of wands, an escape jacket, and photographs of the magicians last acts. You can even read the article from the BoardWalk Bugle about the mysterious disappearance. The bar itself elegantly carved and painted with oversized cushioned, leather upholstered barstools. Not an inch of the interior doesn't ooze orphic elegance.

Now Those Are Stools I Could Settle In OnNow Those Are Stools I Could Settle In On

While the full drink menu at AbracadaBAR is an exciting romp into modern twists on some old fashioned mixology, one of these boozy beverages caught our fancy. That pure temptation of temperance steeped in myth and legend, the green fairy, dubbed here "Exilir 13," more commonly known as absinthe.

Absinthe is a distilled spirit that is flavored with botanicals that can include anise, grand wormwood and fennel, along with other botanicals that combine for a licorice flavor to the beverage. If you don't care for black licorice, this is not the drink for you. However if are a fan - rest assured that to prepare this high alcohol concoction, the masterful potion makers at AbracadaBAR go through the time tested ritual using classic tools such as an absinthe fountain, to slowly drip water over a sugar cube sitting on and french style spoon, and finally down to gently mix with the lovely green absinthe in an etched pontarlier style, creating a milky white beverage for you to enjoy.

Absinth Being Prepared Behind The BarAbsinth Being Prepared Behind The Bar

During the Victorian age absinthe was banned from sale in many countries around the world due to being blamed for "bouts of raging drunkenness, occasional delirium, and even death." However the myth of the deadly green fairy was largely due to a media campaign against the trendy drink of the age more than anything else. Absinthe began to reappear in Great Britian 1990s, and in 2007, the French brand Lucid (now being served up at the AbracadaBAR) became the first genuine absinthe to receive a Certificate of Label Approval for importation into the United States since 1912. No wonder those missing magicians were meeting in secret to share their spirits!

A Magical Effect In Etched GlassA Magical Effect In Etched Glass

Unlike many of the bars and lounges on Disney Property, the AbracadaBAR is not currently offering bar food menu to compliment their very worthy drink selections. However, guests are offered a fun salty snack to munch of while imbibing at the bar. The complimentary cone of curry-dusted popcorn mixed with dried chickpeas is the perfect bit to nibble while soaking up this magical atmosphere.

Curry Spiced Popcorn with Roasted ChickpeasCurry Spiced Popcorn with Roasted Chickpeas

We want to thank our friends over at the Disney Food Blog for lending their images of this new and exciting bar on Disney's BoardWalk. Head over to read the DFB's First Look AND Review of The New AbracadaBAR on Disney World's Boardwalk, it covers the mystical theme and all of all the curious cocktails offered on the menu.

Are you looking forward to trying AbracadaBAR? Will you be trying Elixir 13? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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