Farewell to Mickey's Toontown Fair

Farewell, Mickey's Toontown Fair! The little once-temporary -- but eventually made permanent -- home of Mickey, Minnie and their pals tucked into the back of the Magic Kingdom closed after Friday, Feb. 11, making way for further work on the Fantasyland expansion.

The Orlando Sentinel's Daily Disney reported big crowds the weekend before the closing of Toontown. Many a family were there to "say goodbye" to Mickey and Minnie's houses and ride the Barnstormer one last time.

Orlando Attractions Magazine has the scoop on exactly what went down Friday night as a cast member closed the doors to Mickey's house, with one youngster speculating that Mickey was probably packing. They also snapped a photo of the very last guests to exit Toontown.

Toontown served an important role as a major character meet-and-greet area for Mickey and pals, for princesses, and for Tinkerbell and her fairy friends. Diszine reports that Mickey and pals will move to Town Square Exhibition Hall, and gives details on where the princesses and fairies will end up.

Relive your Toontown memories with this neat Toontown walkthrough video from Inside the Magic:

What was your favorite part of Mickey's Toontown Fair? What will you miss most? Leave a comment below!

Tarpo wrote on Tue, 02/15/2011 - 17:29:

Tarpo's picture

On a Christmas Day Disney trip during a big burst of rain we hid out in Mickeys Toontown Fair and watched everyone scrambling, grumpy from the rain while we stood in a cartoon wonderland for the 4 year old that was with us. He didn't have a care in the world he was soaking wet, and so excited and happy to be where he was that it could have rained garbage and it wouldn't have dampened his spirits.

I loved watching the Barnstormer run. Great little coaster

J.P. wrote on Wed, 02/16/2011 - 00:23:

J.P.'s picture

I'll miss Mickey and Minnie's houses. Every trip, those houses provide backdrops for amazing and creative photos.

Gale Miller wrote on Sun, 02/20/2011 - 15:08:

Gale Miller's picture

I will miss going through this area and seeing Mickey an d Minnies house and taking picks there.i do look forward though to seeing the new changes like Tinkerbell and the princess areas

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