Unique Things To Pack For Your Next Disney Vacation

The community here at Walt Disney World from Grown-ups has decades of Disney travel amongst them. The last time we all had a conversation about packing I took the opportunity to jot down the group's best tips. The following packing list contains the more unique items that these veteran travelers are packing to make their trips go smoothly.

Unique Things To Pack For Your Next Disney VacationUnique Things To Pack For Your Next Disney Vacation

More than one pair of comfortable shoes to keep you moving without pain. You really do need multiple pairs to keep your feet and legs feeling their best.

Sunscreen, all year long, sunscreen. In fact while you are headed to the store to pick up some more, toss a small first-aid kit in your cart as well.

Some sort of rain gear is always handy to have in Walt Disney World. Sure, you can buy a Disney branded poncho in the gift shops but you'll pay a premium. Pick up a couple from the local sporting goods store and home and tuck them in your bag.

It may sound odd, but pack a few quart size plastic baggies. There are a million little reason you may need them, I always keep a couple in my day bag and they always seem to get used.

Duck Tape is also one of those things that always makes its way into my suitcase and comes in handy more often than not.

A day bag to put things you will need at the park in. This can be carried or left in a locker to help you not have to run back to the hotel during your park days.

Stage Your Packing Before It Goes In Your SuitcaseStage Your Packing Before It Goes In Your Suitcase

Want to save a little money on your food budget? Pack some shelf stable snacks or breakfast items from home. Pop-tarts, peanut butter, bagels, granola bars, and trail mix can go a long way to save money at Disney.

While we're on the subject of shelf stable foods, many people complain about the taste of Florida water. If you'll be carrying a refillable water bottle with you, think about bringing along some sort of water flavoring. And tea drinker may want to bring along their favorite blend.

Pop-up hampers can be extremely useful in keeping your hotel room neat, making sure you don't leave anything behind.

Bring along a collapsible duffle bag in case your souvenirs put you overweight on the way home. They fold up small, mine lives in the small front zipper compartment of my regular suitcase.

Walt Disney World hotel room have improved the outlet situation in recent years. However if you are a large family, or if you travel with a lot of electronics, you may want to pack your own power strip.

In addition, bring a portable power bank and various electronic chargers because they are easy to lose and you don't want to be without.

Don't Forget Copies Of Your Travel DocumentsDon't Forget Copies Of Your Travel Documents

Looking for more great packing tips? Here are a few previous Walt Disney World for Grown-ups articles to help you get your bags squared away.

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