Are New Restrictions Coming to Resale DVC?

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Are New Restrictions Coming to Resale DVC?

Well this could be interesting....

"Effective January 19, 2019, new resale purchases for the fourteen current DVC properties can only be used at those 14 resorts. Resale points purchased after that date will not be eligible for reservations at Disney's Riviera Resort, Reflections, A Disney Lakeside Lodge or any other future Disney Vacation Club property."

It goes on to say that moving forward, resale points at new resorts will only be good for reservations at those resorts. For one of the few timeshare companies that has any sort of thriving resale market, they sure are trying to kill that resale market. I feel like Disney is forgetting that one of the reasons people buy DVC vs. another timeshare is that it has a resale value where others don't. This could backfire on them if they restrict the value of the resale too much.