The Best Birthday Present Ever ...

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The Best Birthday Present Ever ...

So I'm down to ten days away from arriving at WDW! Strangely, my excitement has waned and it doesn't feel real to me that I'm going so I thought I'd get my excitement level back up by writing out a little pre-trip report to share with people who understand why I, a single twentysomething, would be so excited to go to Disney!

We'll be arriving extremely late on the 17th so the only thing on the agenda for that day is to go to sleep and wake up refreshed and ready for Disney! We'll be staying at the All-Star Sports (ugh) which would not have been my choice but if it gets me to the World I'll take what I get! I'll be going with my friend Mike, who works in the boring corporate side of Disneyland and is giving me this trip for my birthday! Yay!

Saturday the 18th: No parks this day. This is a much-needed vacation for us both so after breakfast at Trail's End we are going to do some resort-hopping, rent a boat if the weather cooperates, and finish with dinner at the Captain's Grille and walking along the Boardwalk. I'd like to do Jellyrolls that night but it being Saturday I'm afraid it will be too packed to really enjoy.

Sunday the 19th: We'll begin the day at AK, with Fast Passes for the Safari and EE. Other than that I enjoy just walking around and taking in the park. I want to catch Flights of Wonder since I've heard so many good things about it. We'll probably lunch at Yak and Yeti and then mosey over to HS. I refuse to ride the Tower again so we'll do the RRC and hopefully dinner at SciFi. I haven't been able to get a reservation so we're going to try to walk-in. This will also be my first time to see Fantasmic!

Monday the 20th: We're going to mosey around Epcot during the day, snacking very lightly at F&W because that evening we have a reservation at Victoria and Albert's!!!!! I managed to snag a reservation for the main dining room at only forty days out, which apparently doesn't happen that often. This will be my official birthday meal! I've seen so many great things about it here and everywhere else that I cannot wait to try it. Ranch girls from South Dakota do not get food like that every dynasty.

Tuesday the 21st: Back to Epcot for a hardcore day of F&W. Thank goodness we're on the dining plan with snack credits or I would go broke with all the things I want to try here!

Wednesday the 22nd: This is our only MK day due to blackouts on the employees signing people in this week so we're going to make rope drop with FP for 7DMT, Splash, and BTMR. Sometime in the middle of the day we'll go back to the resort for a nap and then return later for the evening so I can see Wishes and hopefully make it all the way to the Kiss Goodnight, which Mike has never seen despite this being his 14th trip. Ridiculous.

Thursday the 22nd: No plans at all this day, apart from dinner at Le Cellier. Might do the Wild Africa Trek but it'll be a spur of the moment decision if we do.

Friday the 23rd: Day of departure with a 7:00 am flight for home. After writing this out I'm already sad at the idea of leaving!

I am wondering about a place where I might be able to see Hallowishes, since we're not doing the party this trip. Is it visible from the beach at Poly, for instance? I'm a fireworks nut so I'm hoping to see it even from afar.

All right, this worked! Bring on the trip, I'm ready to be there!

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Emmalee wrote:
So I'm down to ten days away from arriving at WDW!

I am wondering about a place where I might be able to see Hallowishes, since we're not doing the party this trip. Is it visible from the beach at Poly, for instance? I'm a fireworks nut so I'm hoping to see it even from afar.

Hoorah! Sounds like a fun time to me!

I would suggest the boat launch at Grand Floridian for HalloWishes, or the tables outside of the Gasparilla Grill.

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Sounds like an awesome trip! Our trip in Oct 2012 we watched Hallowishes one of our first nights out by the boat launch area right outside the Magic Kingdom. You could see the fireworks and hear the music perfectly!

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Sounds like a great trip, but I have to ask...why do you refuse to do Tower of Terror again? I think that's my favorite ride in all the Disney parks.


~ Barb ~

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Emmalee, the Poly beach is all fenced off #1 for construction right now and #2 they are fencing it off for resort guess of the Poly only. You can go to the boat dock at the Poly or the Ticket & Transportation Ferry boat dock. Also like Kristen said, the Gran Floridian, but your more at an angle there.

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I loved the Wild Africa Trek awesome

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Thanks for the Hallowishes help, all! It looks so pretty I can't miss it just because we won't be attending the party!

The first and only time I rode TOT I buried my face in my friends back and just screamed. I'm not a huge thrill ride person anyway but something about the flimsiest of seatbelts there and knowing just how ... high we were ... Aaaah! I don't think I could get on it ever again. Haha. Basically, I'm just a big chicken, I guess.

Magic Mirror, your trip report about it made me really want to do it! Hopefully I'll come back with pictures just as great as yours were!

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What a great birthday present. I'll be at Sports from the 17th - 21st, then I'm moving to Riverside.

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