Disneyworld in December!

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Disneyworld in December!

Hello All,

My Girlfriend and I will be in Disneyworld for the first 2 weeks in December this year! We are staying at the Wilderness Lodge Smile

I am just asking if there are any hints and tips on how to plan our days during our stay, especially keeping in mind the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party times.

Would those days be best to either go to another park or to even make better use of dinner reservations elsewhere?

I am thinking of organising a couple of ADR's while we're there. Artist Point first night because we will be settling in to our room and from the flight. Other options we are looking at are Teppan Edo, Biergarden, Rainforest cafe, Via Napoli and doing a Breakfast at Cinderella's Castle.

Are they good options? Any favourites out there that we should try?

I am also going to propose to my girlfriend while at Disneyworld. Looking at the Magic Kingdom at the castle mainly as my options so looking at either the Rose Garden view or trying to get a good pic out the front of the castle with as minimal people as possible in the picture. (Hence why an early breakfast reservation at Cinderella's castle) Wink

Any helpful tips in planning my days out would be good mickey



King Fergus

Well I reckon you've made good choices on your restaurants..We will be at WL in October for the first time,and we have an ADR for Artist Point, along with Yachtsmen and Jiko...( 3 signature ones ) We also have ADRS for Via Napoli ( Big pizza night ) and
Sanaa ( Big Indian night ) I've yet to have a really bad experience ( Food wise )..Most disappointing was Le Cellier as it didn't live up to my expectations,maybe I hit it on a bad night..We have already been to Jiko in 2010 and VN in 2012 and had a great time at both..Our other favourite in 2012 was Cali Grill.. clapping

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How exciting on the proposal! I personally love Teppan Edo, and try to go there every trip. Smile


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Are you planning on getting the Park Hopper option on your tickets? If you are, I would suggest going to MK during the day on a MVMCP day because it tends to be less busy that day up until the party. When the party goers start showing up (I believe people with tickets can get into the park at 4pm) and the crowds pick up, then switch to another park to finish off your evening. If you're not going with a Park Hopper, then yeah I'd pick another park if you don't have MVMCP tickets because MK will close at 7pm that night for the party.

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Yeah I was thinking about Le cellier as I do like my steak. Plus we are definitely looking at possibly doing Cali grill also.

Yeah VN will end up being a good pizza night I'd say! Some family will be in disney also so that's a family ADR for that one.

Thank you disneydoc will be an amazing time for us Smile. Yeah we would love to go to teppan Edo as we both love that style of food.

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Hey Allie, yeah we are going with the park hopper option as I always feel that's the best option. Sounds like an idea to use them some days at MK on those days and make use of the other parks and ADRs on the evenings.

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With the construction/changes going on around the hub, you might want to check to see what shape the rose garden is in if you decide to propose there. December is a ways off so everything may be in good shape by then but just a thought. An out the way place for the proposal may be at the wishing well just to the side of the Cinderella Castle.

Teppan Edo was fantastic. We booked it so we would finish a little while before Illuminations. When we were done, we grabbed a spot right outside the restaurant on the balcony. It was a great spot to see the show.

If you are looking for something to do outside the parks, I highly recommend Raglan Road. My husband and I eat there on every trip. Also, a monorail tour of the resorts to check out the Christmas decor.

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I love California Grill - if you're thinking about it you should totally do it!

Breakfast at Whispering Canyon (in Wilderness Lodge) is one of my favorites too.

I second being cautious of the rose garden, at the moment I believe that it's fairly non-existent and it won't be returning in the same form it was before. The layout of the gardens will be much different. Maybe Mandy knows more if she's reading this thread. Have a plan b just in case, but I think the wishing well would be lovely, Cinderella's fountain is one of my favorite spots too.