Do places every smell like Disney to you?

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Do places every smell like Disney to you?

Sometimes I'll go somewhere and it reminds me of Disney World..usually this happens at the movies because of the loud noises in the background and the smell of popcorn (this always reminds me of POP Century for some reason).
Today I went to Brixx Wood Fire Pizza and it smelled just like Boma. It made me want to stay there all night.

Does this happen to anyone else.


mickey Bella

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Someone asked that a couple of years ago. I can't remember who, but at least one other person agrees with you. I always associate it with the airport when you go outside for the first time.

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There are definite moments, sounds, smells that remind me of Disney.

Sometimes there will be a certain smell and a breeze and I would swear I'm in Florida!

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I dont have a smell that comes to mind... maybe whenever I make FuFu...

But whenever on the Disney Channel "Shake It Up"... it puts me back at Disney. The Disney Channel is like the only thing to watch in the room, and that week that show was on for like 2 hours every night, and Brooke liked it because it had dancing in it. So whenever it pops on, I feel like were back in our living room in our room at AKL.


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Air conditioner drives me crazy.

Or something extremly sweet...Reminds me of Main Street, the Bakery...