Does A View Make a Difference ?

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Oh yeah...with AKL it would be animal views I would care about.






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Not too much. I mean, idealistically, my dream is to stay in the AKL with a savannah view room but honestly, I'd be more grateful to get any room in the AKL to begin with! That holds true for all the deluxe resorts I have in mind on future visits! The deluxes are so expensive and not everyone can afford them so in those cases, just being able to stay there is the best reward of all the way I see it.


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AKL is so beautiful - all the rooms are too. You can enjoy the animals from so many places other than your room

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I think sometimes a view makes the holiday.

Epcot view from the Orlando Marriott World Centre and MK view from the Contemporary

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King Fergus

Nope...Lucky if we spend 2 hours a day in our room..Why would I want to sit in my room and look at MK when I could be there having a ball..