Dopey Challenge

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Dopey Challenge

4 days. 48.6 miles. 6 medals. What an accomplishment that would be awesome
Any takers? laugh

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I wish they had one that did everything BUT the full. I'm not sure there's another full marathon in these legs of mine. But then again, I guess some wouldn't consider JUST a 5K, 10K, and a half a "challenge" .

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If it wasn't for the $495 price tag, I'd seriously consider doing it.

JMU, you could do the Dumbo Dare at DL...10k and a half. I tried to get in, but only made it in the half.


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I love that they've added a 10K to the weekend but I'm just not a Dopey kind of gal. It's going to be a miracle if I finish the 13.1 muchlove