Fun for Historical Aviation Geeks - Warbird Adventures

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Fun for Historical Aviation Geeks - Warbird Adventures

Well this place sounds like it could be fun, especially if you're a WWII or Aviation buff. How would you like to fly in historical planes? I wonder if the fly zone over WDW is still super restricted or if you could fly over the Disney area. Anybody know? Would you enjoy this?

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"Come fly like the aces of yester-year in the Premier Fighter-Trainer of WWII, the North American T-6 TEXAN! Also known as the SNJ or Harvard, over 70% of the Allied pilots received their fighter training in these aircraft. Whether you want a thrilling aerobatic adventure or a smooth straight & level flight, the experience is completely tailored to you."

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My Grandpa was huge into planes. He and his brother owned a tiny backwoods airport. Was the coolest thing. He had a couple planes. Every year for memorial we would drive down, and we would have a party there. He would take us kids up in the plane... even let us fly. But enough about that... he was huge into warbirds and such. He wold have absolutely loved this.


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