Goofy called me today!!!

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Goofy called me today!!!

OK He called me AND the kids and hubby. Fun little call offered to kids for the cruise. mickey I'm a big kid! lol. So any adults order the Disney Character cruise call just for fun??? lol. We're on our cruise end of the week!!!! yay

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Very fun and cool!


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I did! It's so much fun!

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If we ever do a Disney cruise, I will have to get Goofy to call my husband. He loves Goofy.

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Yes! I am going to have them call my hubby when he gets back from overseas! It will be a nice surprise!

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You get two calls. I had goofy and Mickey it made me so happy. I am a big kid too yay clapping


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YAY! I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who does this... I have it set up that a disney character will call my husband prior to our cruise! I think enjoy it all the way! I just love how Disney adds these little additional things to make your trip more magical! I hope it's goofy or goopy (that is what my granddaughter calls goofy) gives my husband a call... Can't wait!! I'm getting sooo many wonderful ideas from reading these posts! Keep them coming!!