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I just wanted to say Good Morning!
I have been visiting this site for about a year.
We are planning a trip early September to
celebrate my DD's 21st birthday and our
24th anniversary. yeah

I am a home health aide and DH works
in a factory that prints and binds books.
We have a DD that will be 21 and a DS
that is 19 and won't be going with us
as he will be away at college Sad(

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welcome welcome welcome


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Hello, welcome, and congratulations. September is a great time of the year to visit WDW, are you guys regular visitor? Let us know if you need any planning advise, we'll be more than glad to share our experiences biggrin Sorry to hear that your DS won't be able to come, but take lots of pictures and share with him mickey he'll enjoy it too. Have a magical vacation.

welcome congrats


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Welcome to the site! We too are going to The World in early September. It's a great time to visit and the crowds are really low. Are you staying on site? Any ADR's planned? We love the details. wink

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Hi and welcome What days are you going to be there? DH, my sisters, and I will all be there Aug 31 - Sept 6th clapping

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Welcome. Tell us more about your trip! Where are you staying, do you have a favorite park, ride, restaurant, etc.?


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Welcome! We are also going the first part of September. It is a great month to go. Details please about your upcoming trip.

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We have been to the World several times. The first was in 1997 when the kids were 4 and 3.
We went in 2000 with a friend and his children and stayed at All Stars not sure which one. Then
a couple years later we had a group of 4 families and we stayed at the Contemporary because Shades of
Green was having a remodel. Our DS wanted to go for her graduation trip we took it in 2010 a year before graduation and stayed at Pop Century. Last December DH and I went and stayed at CB.
We planned on waiting a couple of years but DS really wanted to go we offered a June trip so DS could come.
He wants to work so he can save $ for college. (We will be doing a short trip to New York City in June).
We will arrive on the 9th of September and our last day is the 15th sad We tried for POFQ but because we wanted to take advantage of Free dining we are staying at CSR.

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*waves* Hi, Pixiebell and welcome DH and I will be arriving right after you leave. We're going for our 21st wedding anniversary. Our biggest worry when traveling to FLA at that time of year is that it's hurricane season.


~ Barb ~

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Welcome and glad to have you Pixiebell. We have some wonderful people here and I'm sure you will enjoy.

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Welcome Pixiebell let us know what your plans are.

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Welcome Pixiebell!


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yay stars welcome stars yay

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HI and welcome!


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Hi! Pixiebell and welcome to our friendly and happy place. Glad you thought enough of us to join.


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stars Welcome to the best board around!


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Hello and welcome

Can't wait to hear more about your plans! My fam and I will be in WDW in late Sept-early Oct. Fall is a great time to visit!

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We'll just miss you! We'll be checking out of CS a couple of days before you check in!

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Greetings and welcome!

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Hi and welcome to the forums xxxx


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stars Hello

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Hi Pixiebell! Welcome! mickey


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