Hello from Dave and Karen in York

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Hello from Dave and Karen in York

Hi all

Just found this site - looks great. We have been on 10 trips to WDW and September 2015 will be our 11th. Our first to an on site hotel Boardwalk, a long time to wait but counting laugh

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Hi and welcome Dave and Karen!


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welcome from South Carolina!!!


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welcome From sunny Guernsey beach


Howdy Y'all
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welcome From a frozen island off Scotland ...

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After the independence vote that may become more permanent!


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Welcome from a very hot and humid Wisconsin!

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Welcome from Southern Ontario. It is also humid here today, but nothing like Florida humid.

We absolutely love the Boardwalk and are staying there next week even. Please tell us more about your plans. mickey

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Sally-Ann wrote:
After the independence vote that may become more permanent!

We are all yes voters in our family, but to be honest I don't think we will get it..It's the currency thing that's putting lots of yes voters off..I think we should come up with the Scottish dollar.. clapping

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Hello Karen & Dave and welcome glad you found us and even happier that you thought enough of us to join our happy group. mickey


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Hi and welcome We'll be having our first stay at the Boardwalk in Dec 2015 so I'm excited to hear how your trip goes!

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HI and welcome!


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Hello and welcome Dave & Karen from a wet & humid Pennsylvania! awesome The Boardwalk is a great resort to stay at. Join in and start telling us some of your plans.

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Hi there Dave!! Welcome to our site, I hope you make yourself at home with us.

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Which York? The original or one of the ones in the "colonies?" Just asking because we have a York very near here.

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Hi all thanks for the welcome

The York we are in "crazycatperson" is the original York in the north of England (we are nearly 2000 years old - the city not me and Karen LOL) and very historic (The city and me and Karen!) - a lovely place to live.

As for our plans - well we have only booked the trip in the last few days so they will develop in the next few week / months.

For the first time we are not hiring a car so it is likely to be a full Disney 2 weeks (although we have been looking at something that offers a trip to US and transport so may have one escape).

We Love EPCOT and the studios so we are ideally placed. Hoping to learn lots of tips from people on here and have been looking through the forum and have already got some ideas.

Because we are going to have the dining plan we are researching restaurants and quite excited that we will be trying some of the Disney eating places.

We look forward to reading peoples views of the Boardwalk, the restaurants and any other things we don't know - we have stayed off site 10 times but always learn something new and this coming trip will be really different to previous visits.

Thanks again for the welcome messages we look forward to join in the debates and discussions. mickey

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welcome from Michigan!

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welcome welcome

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Hello and welcome Dave and Karen, I'm Fiona from Southampton, the other end of England! My first trip to WDW was back in 2000 with a couple called..... Dave and Karen, lol, but they were from the Isle of Wight! My brother and his family live near York - Sheriff Hutton? and my neice works in the new John Lewis store in York. 'It's a small world after all' mickey



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Welcome to our little bit of Disney heaven!

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Welcome from the York in Pennsylvania. Make sure that you eat the seafood buffet at the Cape May cafe at the Beach Club. It is fabulous. Or at least it was last year. The boardwalk area is so fun with the walking distance to the 2 parks and the festive boardwalk area in the evening. We always go in September also as it is just a little less crowded.

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welcome from one northerner to another!!! we have family who live all around York and I was actually down there this weekend gone for the races!!!

so glad you decided to join us!