Heyyy :)

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Heyyy :)

Hi everyone! Ive been looking around the forum for a little while so thought id join. clapping
Im Zoe from the UK. 21 and I adore everything Disney!.
I have been there only 4 times and a long time since my last visit, and I cant wait to go back there in just under two weeks.
Going with some disney newbies so cant wait to see their faces light up through the disney gates!

Just wanted to say Hi and get advice on things like now I am old enough good experiences for a first drink Party ?.
And any hints for disney freebies or free activities in the parks!



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yay Welcome!!



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Hello Zoe-xo and welcome Where are you staying and what plans have you made already and we can go from there. Not quite sure what you mean by "Disney Freebies" but you never know when a Magical Moment may occur. Unless your going to a seminar, a wine tasting event or doing a tour or a holiday party, once your in the parks, you don't have to pay for any of the shows or rides.

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welcome I think you're going to like it here. My recommendation for a first drink is the Grey Goose Slushy in France at Epcot!


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Hi thanks for the welcome,

We are staying in a villa just near Champions Gate, a first time stay in that area!.
I have made the normal plans of Disney & Universal parks, also having a swim with the Dolphins at Discovery cove which is something I Have always wanted to experience!. I have also booked in for an airboat ride as a bit of an adventure awesome
As we have two bithdays (inc a 21st) when we are over there i was thinking about a special place to have a cocktail!.

Well yes I will always be hoping for that magical major freebie moment!, crossfingers but I remember many years ago (of course things may have changed alot now), i got little freebies around parks like free pin badges or Free Soda's in Epcot just wondering if little things like that still went on. mickey


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stars Welcome Zoe!! stars

So nice to have you join us. I suggest a Poolside Plunge for a first drink! It's a standard on all the Pool Bar Menus so you should be able to pick one up at just about and Disney Resort. Where are you staying?

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Kris1971 wrote:
welcome I think you're going to like it here. My recommendation for a first drink is the Grey Goose Slushy in France at Epcot!

Oooh that sounds very different!, will definatly give that a try when in Epcot biggrin


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Hi there Zoe. (that's one of my favourite names!). Introducing newbies to the World is so much fun - you will have a great trip.

Yes, you can still get free soda in Epcot - Club Cool is one of our stops every trip. You'll be there for the Flower and Garden festival too, so will get to sample goodies from the booths. awesome



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Hi Zoe and welcome I'm from the UK as well. Sounds like you've got an amazing holiday planned. Not long now clapping



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Hi Zoe and welcome! I'm 21 as well and my upcoming trip will be my first being able to drink in the parks (though I'm not sure how much I'll actually do, I'm a big lightweight!). Finngirl mentioned the free soda in Club Cool, and you can also get free buttons if you're celebrating a special occasion--there are birthday, first time visitor, newlywed/happily ever after, anniversary, and maybe some other buttons that I'm forgetting you can get for free at the resorts or guest services at the parks Smile


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welcome Zoe-xo. So glad you decided to join in. Have a great time and let us know all about your trip.

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Hello Zoe and Welcome!!...so glad you have decided to join our forum family.



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Hi Zoe and welcome to our happy group, were so happy that you found us and even happier that you thought enough of us to join.


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Hi and welcome Zoe and congrats on your upcoming trip! Definitely make sure to get a birthday button at a customer service desk and try a Yak Attack at Yak & Yeti! Delicious!

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Welcome, Welcome Zoe!

How fun to be celebrating with your friends when they're turning 21 at WDW!

Okay, so now you know about the pins, about Club Cool, and the Grey Goose Slushie. That's it. I think you're set!! Smile

Welcome. We're glad you're here!!

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Hiiiii and Welcome!
Im 23 and from the Northwest UK and looking at a trip with friends in the next 2 years! drinking in the world will definitely be a different experience!
Have you thought much about where to eat? A really nice meal could be a great start to some birthdays!
Very excited for you! is it all friends you're going with?
E x

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Hi and welcome! Xxxx


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