Minimalist Disney Movie Posters

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Minimalist Disney Movie Posters

I love these... which is your favorite?

Source: via Meredith on Pinterest

Source: via Kaitlyn on Pinterest

Source: via Madison on Pinterest

Source: via ashley on Pinterest

Source: via Heidi on Pinterest

Source: via Kayla on Pinterest

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The Lion King poster is my favorite for sure! It struck me with it's ferocity and majesty.
The Bambi one is nice too. Are these official or fan art?


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The Lion King, but then i always love anything to do with the Lion King.



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These are amazing! I LOVE the 101 Dalmatians one, even though that's not even one of my favorite Disney movies, though the Lion King one is awesome, too!


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Ponkool4 wrote:
Are these official or fan art?

I believe that they are fan art. I just found them on pinterest and thought I would share. mickey

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Dalmatians for me!

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I like the Lion King and Sleeping beauty


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My favorite is Snow White

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Lion King!

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