Multiple double post!

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Multiple double post!

Good morning everyone. Could everyone please try and pay a little more attention when posting to make sure they are not posting the same post multiple times. If your computer or tablet gets hung up or locks up , don't keep hitting the "save " button because it's probably saving each time you do. The mods around here have been kept busy lately clearing out the double posts, some 5 and 10 at a time.

If your worried a post is not saving, "select all", copy what you have put in your post and then refresh. That way if it didn't post you can just paste it back in and try saving again.

Sometimes it's the internet, some times it's the server and sometimes it's your machine. Try rebooting and clearing out your history for starters.

Thank you all for understanding. Any questions, just ask.


I only noticed this last week..I keep my eye on the top left now..Sometimes it's quick,,other times very slow..Will do Sir..

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Sorry about the ones I had this morning. I was using my Kindle which I don't normally use. thanks for taking care of them.

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Oops, I am a bit of a repeat offender with this! I'll try to remember to refresh before clicking post again x


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I've done it a couple of times myself. Sorry. I'll try to do the refresh thing too.

On that note, I have also noticed, in the last couple of weeks when I post, many times it goes directly to an error page and loses the post and I have to start over. I didn't have that in the beginning.

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No worries all. I've done it myself a time or two. Just trying to get everyone aware to watch what they are doing. I deleted 10 identical posts 3 times this morning and had to do them one at a time.

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I just had this happen.... sad and I see your post looks like mine locked up when the spam went thru

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Magic Mirror wrote:
I just had this happen.... sad and I see your post looks like mine locked up when the spam went thru

I just deleted at least 10 spam messages all by 2 spammers in the course of 5 minutes, sorry for the inconvenience but I think I got them all. Had to be spambots.