Mysterious illness outbreak on Animal Kingdom's Wild Animal Trek

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Mysterious illness outbreak on Animal Kingdom's Wild Animal Trek


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Jess - What a bummer for everyone involved with that! I'm glad they tried to prevent future outbreaks with more hand sanitizing stations at least!!

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I'm not a germaphobe, but I do think about the concentration of germs and illness with all those people everywhere. I am conscious and try not to touch railings and common places where everyone else touches. I also wash my hands often. It's better for me to just not think about all the germs that all those people are carrying and spreading! Last week we were in a store in Italy with close quarters and lots of people, and this guy sneezes all over. I could just picture millions of germs flying through the air so I held my breath and left!
A few years ago during the huge swine flu outbreak I know some locals who avoided Disney. I figure there's germs everywhere, if you don't get it at Disney, you may get it at Walmart if you're going to get it. Washing hands is the best defense, and staying home if you're sick.



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I was going to comment on this but I stopped myself.