O'hana or California Grill

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O'hana or California Grill

We have reservations for O'Hana the first night we arrive, but after talking with a friend last night she said we have to do California Grill. Opinions?


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I haven't eaten at Ohana, but the California Grill was fantastic! If you're a sushi fan at all, I say give it a try. It was some of the best sushi I've ever had. In addition, both my DH and I loved our entrees. My husband had bison and I had snapper. We loved it!


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Oh God emmaanne, If your asking I'll say do the Cali Grill! That's the first ADR we do every trip to start off. They do have excellent sushi selections, I will vouch for that, I've eaten enough of it, but they have much much more. The Bison is one of my favorite dish when they have it, Scrappy loves the filet. We have always had magical experiences when we eat there. Ohana's is good, and I would never tell anyone not to eat there, but if you want the wow factor, I would say Cali Grill for sure.

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I haven't been to Ohana yet, but California Grill is AMAZING! There's always something new and delish on the menu, and the wine list rocks Smile

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Ohana. All you can eat steak, shrimp, chicken, pork. There noodles are AMAZING! Actually all of there stuff is amazing. And the bread pudding.... OMG.... I never liked bread pudding till I had it there. Granted... I have not eaten CG... but I love Ohana. My favorite place officially at Disney!


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'Ohana used to be our first night tradition! We love that place, and arriving there after a long flight and hectic travel day is so relaxing. I always got a lapu lapu (the giant drink in a pineapple) and just settled into those super comfy chairs with a sigh -- "I'm finally at Disney World!" Plus -- you don't have to make any choices at all -- they just bring your food and you're good to go. Ultimate in relaxation.

California Grill is awesome, but because it's pricey and offers a fantastic list of menu choices, you have to be "engaged" in your dinner, which I don't always want to do on the first night. I know -- sounds weird!

Personally, I would do 'Ohana the first night and save Cali Grill for later in the trip. But that's just me! And if you decide to do Cali Grill the first night, you're going to have an awesome time! mickey awesome

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Admin makes a good point. At first, I was poised to say "California Grill" with many, many exclamation points. However, CG is one of those truly fantastic experiences...and I tend to not want to have my truly fantastic experiences right out of the gate. So I'd say 'Ohana for a "Welcome to Disney" experience. But DO fit CG in somewhere. It simply canNOT be missed imo.

Which reminds me...it is SUPER time for us to go back to CG and Jiko...


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I agree..do 'em both! I don't think you can really compare the two because they are both so different--but so good at the same time!


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I tend to agree with Bella, both really great dining experiences yet both very different and both tend to be "must do". The only way out is to do them both.


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I have never been to Ohana but we just did CA Grill for our anniversary and it was AMAZING! Both my husband and I really loved our food (especially the dessert), the surroundings are beautiful and we were lucky enough to catch a fireworks show that night.
If you can swing both I would say to do both for sure. Get as many wonderful experiences in as you can.


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