Port Adventures?

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Port Adventures?

As of Feb 25th, we will be able to start booking our port excursions. clapping We are on the 7 night Western Caribbean visiting Castaway Cay, Costa Maya, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. Any suggestions for excursions?

Here is what my thoughts so far are:

We were thinking of not booking anything for the Castaway Cay day...we were thinking of just relaxing at the adult only beach?

We "think" we want to try the swimming with the dolphins excursion or the stingray swim?

I am a history teacher and recently taught the Incas, Mayas, and Aztecs I am especially interested in seeing the ancient ruins. I am wondering if it's worth paying for this tour guide excursion?

Any suggestions or ideas welcome!!

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I loved the Jetski excursion at Castaway Cay. Crazy amounts of fun! I suggest booking a morning tour, and then heading out to the adult beach for the rest of the day to relax. mickey

I've only done a Western on NCL, but this is my $.02:

If you're going to do a dolphin swim, book the dolphin swim in Costa Maya. The facility is fairly new, and it's right down at the end of the pier. I've heard great things about it from many cruisers (Disney and Non-Disney).

I am a HUGE history geek and visiting Mayan Ruins (we did this in Belize) is something that I will never ever forget. It might be one of the most exciting surreal things that I had ever done in my life. I have stood at the top of a Mayan Temple... who does that!?!? Not many people where I live, let me tell ya. I can only imagine that this sort of excursion would be even better if we had had a Disney approved guide.

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Just got back a few days ago! Went to Grand Cayman and I HIGHLY recommend the trip to Stingray City! We booked on line with Captain Marvin's. This is the second time we have gone with them and they are truly phenom! So much better than the cruise ship tour as there are far less people so more time in the water and they cost less too! The stingrays are in the wild so no worrying on them being mistreated or capitalized upon. They were like big wet sloppy puppy dogs rubbing all up against you. muchlove It was INCREDIBLE! After Stingray City, we went to 2 different places to snorkel that were beautiful! On the way back in one of the guys leaped off the boat. Thought something had blown off the boat, but he had spotted a really cool orange starfish and dove in to snag it so we could all check it out. awesome They were extremely conscious of how it was being handled and took it and dunked it back in the water multiple times to make sure it was ok before releasing it back. Then when we were pulling back into the canal area, we were joined by a dolphin that they named Stinky that follows them in a lot of the time. He was right by the back end of the boat where you could practically touch him and stayed with us all the way cresting the water multiple times much to our delight and hung around the boat when we got off. yay They also made a slight detour in the canal to a wall in front of a house that had about a half a dozen large iguanas sun bathing on the sea wall. Cool This tour is so great that where at other ports, even though all our excursions have been great, we would select something different just to be able to experience more, whenever we go to Grand Cayman, we will always do this! Always!!! clapping Captain Marvin established way back in 1951 and THE Captain Marvin is still alive and kicking at 96 and pops out of his bungalow on occasion to say hello. He actually found the sand bar that is now Stingray City and his Grandson is now on the crew. Smile Here's the link!

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Sounds like you had a great time! Glad you made it there safely and were able to enjoy your trip!