The Pre-Trip/ Trip Report Starts NOW!

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The trip report that keeps giving. I am going to stop apologizing as life has been very busy, finally in a good way unlike 2012 had treated me overall. I think I want this trip to last forever! Before I post my 12/19 report... Yesterday I finally got my FIGMENT from Epcot on 12/18! Better late then never!


My husband had never been to AK so it was a very exciting day! We did our usual morning breakfast (me going down to POP cafe getting oatmeal/banana for me and egg white wrap for hubby with our magical coffee and bringing it to the room) and headed to AK. Yet again, the bus was there! We did not use morning Magic Hours as we were so exhausted but we arrived by 9:15. When we got to AK we decided to go to the Safari and FP if it was a long line and then go to Everest and wait. However, there was NO WAIT at the safari and we went right on and this was the first time I saw so many animals! Hubby loved it and we had a White Rhino right at the edge of our jeep. After that we went right to Everest and there was also no wait. We went on 4 times in a row!!! Love that ride! Next was Dinosaur (no wait)! We hit up the Nemo Show which was cute, Lion King was amazing and Tough to be a bug! After that we decided to go to Yak and Yett express counter service and Nicole, the chef was amazing! I really wanted lo mein, but the salt I could smell from it made me cringe. However, hubby always has the soy issue with chinese / japanese food. Nicole informed us she could make us the sweet and sour chicken grilled (tempura had soy) with white rice and all the veggies! I was in Heaven! Healthier version of Chinese food!! It was BEYOND AMAZING! Of course I splurged with the Banana Pudding! However the portions were beyond huge! We walked around AK for another hour or so looking at the animals etc. before deciding that we had enough! Hubby felt he got the experience. Although not his favorite, he was thrilled to be there and we both realized without children, you really only need 1/2 day when there are no lines. We decided to hit up Downtown Disney early! This was the first time we waited for a bus! From AK to AK Lodge and AK Lodge to Downtown Disney! Our luck ran dry but it was quite relaxing! The weather was gorgeous and I sat in the sun to stay warm and catch some rays while waiting! Downtown was a blast, although our Dinner reservations were initially for 8PM at House of Blues. We decided to push them up to 6:30 because we were tired and wanted to walk around the hotel and get an early start the next day for Island of Adventure. We had dinner at the House of Blues which was also amazing. I got a French Dip Sandwich and Hubby got Pulled Pork. Highly recommend it! We walked around and grabbed a few drinks before heading back to the hotel Smile Oh dessert dessert! We had the most delicious bread pudding there and phenomenal key lime pie! Boy can disney make you fat! Everything is so amazing!!

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San Angel Inn is the bomb!! awesome

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Your TR is making me miss Disney. Love all the photos.

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What a great trip report so're making me want to go so badly RIGHT NOW! muchlove That rhino picture is so great: so cool it got that close to your jeep!!


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