RANT: Dia de los Muertos At Epcot

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RANT: Dia de los Muertos At Epcot

This year WDW is putting in a special effort and producing merchandise for Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead. During this festival the living pay homage to the ancestors that have come before them. OK, cool. I LOVE Day of the Dead, in fact I am hosting a big ancestor ritual at my church on that day this year. I have always thought that they should celebrate this more at Epcot in the Mexico pavilion. This year there are tee shirts and mouse ears specifically themed.

But... While Disney is paying lip service by pushing merchandise the "The Story of Coco," which has only been playing at the pavilion since March, will take its final bow at Epcot on September 28th. Because why would they want to keep around the show for an extra month at a time that it is actually culturally appropriate. What the heck? This is like celebrating Christmas through the summer, and then taking down all the decorations at the end of November. Seriously. Way to go accountants. Someone seriously got this one wrong.

Alright - I think I am done ranting. Luckily, performances by Mariachi Cobre will continue at the Mexico pavilion. Just without the dancers and puppets that tell the tale of Coco and the Day of the Dead.