Virgin Trains’ Disney Station Seems To Be Moving Forward

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Virgin Trains’ Disney Station Seems To Be Moving Forward

According to Orlando Business Journal Virgin Trains USA is making quick progress on its planned stop at Walt Disney World.
The Miami-based rail company plans to connect Miami to Orlando, with a potential stop at WDW, and then on to Tampa. The two companies entered into a memorandum of understanding in November and more information has begun to trickle out. This rail line would connect Walt Disney World with two other major cruise ports, one of which (Miami) Disney Cruise Line already offers frequent sailings from. Disney has not yet commented on the rail terminal, and the station is still subject to permitting, lease negotiations with state agencies for right-of-way access and a full agreement with Disney. There is no timeline for when work will begin on the Tampa route.

Personally this thought excites me because of the potential to do a Land/Sea trip with the cruise portion departing from Miami. What do you think about the potential for this upcoming railway?

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Opens up new ways to get to Orlando. Airfares to Tampa are frequently less expensive. Also reduces the congestion at Orlando. Sounds like a win-win situation!

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I wonder where they would put the terminal for the train. Right now there are no train tracks near Disney. I am interested in the logistics of how this would work. I wonder if Sunrail would be able to stop as well.

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I've been wanting to do one of the 5-night cruises out of Miami so I would absolutely consider this to partner a few days with Disney. Even transportation to Port Canaveral is expensive!