• Disney's "Tron" Comic Book to Follow on the Heels of "Tron: Legacy"

    The movie "Tron: Legacy" is set to hit theaters December 17, and Disney's first foray into the world of comic books as owner of Marvel will come after that. A prequel to the movie, "Tron: The Betrayal" is a two-part graphic novel slated to start up where the movie left off.

    Execs feel fans won't be disappointed with the new, Disney-owned offering. Tron and Kevin Flynn are said to be reunited, and Tron is to assist Kevin with maintaining order of both the Grid and Encom.

    In a quote from Marvel's Senior Vice President of Development, Marvel Publishing is "excited" about Disney's first co

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    New Monorail Job to Enhance Safety at Epcot

    Stemming from a July 2009 fatal accident of Monorail driver Austin Wuennenberg, Disney has made plans to create a new Monorail position and increase pay for the trains' workers.

    In the old way of doing things, the job of "monorail coordinator" had workers not only directing traffic, but also left them tasked with other duties such as employee schedules. With the creation of the new position, aptly named the "central monorail controller," workers occupying this position can concentrate specifically on directing the monorail traffic.

    In addition, Disney reportedly is in talks with some o