Habit Heroes Closes Amid Controversy

You may recall a story we brought you in February highlighting Epcot's newest exhibit, Habit Heroes. Turns out, a whole lot of people had a whole lot to say about the attraction, and not all of it was high praise.

Habit Heroes was designed to give guests an interactive experience that focused on healthy habits and choices for a healthier lifestyle. In it, guests could help heroes Callie Stenics and Will Power battle such villains as Snacker and Lead Bottom. Sounds good, right?

Walt Disney World Rumors: Agent P & Fantasyland

What is Walt Disney World without a few rumors floating around out here in cyberspace? Here are a few choice morsels bumping around the net; keep in mind these are merely rumors at this time.

First off, there is some talk going around about the Kim Possible Adventure at Epcot getting a makeover a la Phineas and Ferb. Rumor has it the Adventure will be reworked with "Agent P" (a.k.a. Perry the Platypus) taking a starring role. If this does pan out, look for the changeover to happen sometime this summer.

Vision House To Open In Epcot This Spring

Innoventions in Epcot will be the site of yet another new exhibit as the new Vision House is set to open this spring. Disney Imaginnering has teamed with Green Builder Media to bring guests a glimpse at a home that is enviornmentally friendly as well as on the cutting edge of technology.

Italian Food To-Go Kiosk Open In Epcot

On the go in Epcot, but craving some Italian food? Good news! Recently, a new to-go Italian food kiosk has opened in the World Showcase while renovations are being made to Tutto Italia and the new Gusto Wine Bar is being built.

The kiosk serves up some well known Italian classics such as ravioli and pasta e fagioli and also has a selection of beer and wine. Guests can even grab a cannoli for desert.

Look for the to-go kiosk to be open only until April of this year as work continues on the restaurant and bar.

Habit Heroes: Epcot's Newest Exhibit

Guests heading to Epcot will be able to take in a new exhibit. Habit Heroes opened Friday, February 3.

The focus of Habit Heroes is promoting a healthy lifestyle by calling attention to such aspects as being active and eating a well-balanced, nutritious diet. In a game at the exhibit, guests can help characters Will Power and Callie Stenics try to wage war against the villains "Sweet Tooth and The Snacker." Also, guests can also try to snatch the remote control away from the "Control Freak" as well as teach "Lead Bottom" how to become more active through exercise.

Disney Announces Flower Power Concert Series Lineup

Disney has recently announced this year's lineup for the popular Flower Power concert series. The concert series is set to coincide with Epcot's International Flower and Garden Festival and will begin March 9.

Look for two new acts to join the lineup this year: Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night and The Orchestra, a group that features former members of ELO. Here is the lineup as it currently stands:

  • March 9-11: Jose Feliciano
  • March 16-18: Starship featuring Mickey Thomas
  • March 23-25: The Guess Who
  • March 30-April 1: The Spinners

HGTV Stars For Flower & Garden Fest Announced

Another Flower and Garden Festival guest favorite is back for 2012 as Disney and HGTV continue their partnership and bring special presentations and demonstrations to the fest.

Recently, Disney announced this year's lineup of stars from HGTV for the 2012 International Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot. Here are the stars and the dates they are scheduled to appear:

  • March 9 - 11: John Gidding, HGTV's Curb Appeal: The Block
  • March 16 - 18: Sabrina Soto, HGTV's The High/Low Project

Epcot's Test Track Will Get "Re-Imagined" Treatment This Fall

Guests lining up to take part in the popular Epcot attraction Test Track this fall will find a new, re-imagined version of the ride thanks in part to a renewed business relationship between General Motors and Disney.

Look for the attraction's testing workshop to become the "Chevrolet Design Center at Epcot," a space where guests will be able to design their own vehicle. After trying out their had at automotive designing, guests will then be able to take their design out on the Test Track course in a six person "SimCar."

Where To Find Santa At Walt Disney World

Though he's traditionally someone the kiddos look forward to seeing each year, there are a lot of kids at heart out there who will keep an eye out for Santa Claus this year. Here's where (and when) you can find the man in red during this holiday season in and around Walt Disney World.

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival Preview

While this year's International Food and Wine Festival at Epcot has just ended, already plans are in the works for the upcoming 2012 Flower and Garden Festival. Here is a preview of what guests can expect when that festival gears up in March.

This year's centerpiece will be based on the classic Disney film "Fantasia" and will feature a larger-than-life Mickey Mouse topiary on top of a twelve-foot floral mountain. Below Mickey will be flower versions of buckets and broomsticks, elephants, alligators and hippos.

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Epcot was one of Walt Disney's original visions. Originally standing for the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, it was actually intended to be much more of the basis for Walt Disney World than the Magic Kingdom. Eventually however his initial vision proved too grand to be carried out and it became the less expansive park that you see today.


Our Favorite Things about Epcot’s Morocco Pavilion

One of the most beautiful pavilions in Epcot's World Showcase is Morocco. The pavilion might not have an attraction like a ride or a film but that doesn't mean you should breeze past it on your travels around the world. It's definitely on our list of must-visit locations at Epcot.

Five Can’t Miss Holiday Traditions at Walt Disney World

Across the property of the Walt Disney World Resort there are many wonderful seasonal happenings that keep Disney fans returning year after year to brave the crowds. Disney goes all out with a festive flair from the delicious baked goods, to merchandise, to the seasonal decorations in the Parks, and spectacular holiday entertainment. We've gathered together five of our can't miss Disney holiday favorites.

Holiday Hot Chocolates That Elevate The Classic To Spectacular

Florida may be known as the sunshine state, but when the warm sun dips below the horizon the Winter evenings at Walt Disney World can become down right cold. When you need to find a quick way to warm up, why not turn to the traditional with a delicious hot chocolate. We're not just talking about any old hot chocolate though, Disney's got oodles of great spots to grab a happy cup of warmth and elevate this classic drink into a holiday spectacular.

Disney Quick Service Spots With Thanksgiving Flavors

Heading to Walt Disney World over the Thanksgiving Holiday without dining reservations? Looking for some spots to grab a little Thanksgiving flavor from a quick service spot while enjoying family fun in the Parks? Head on over to these Disney eateries to pick up great grub with a seasonal flair.

Epcot’s Germany Pavilion Is a Great Place to Eat, Drink, and Shop

If there's one pavilion in Epcot's World Showcase that is perfect for sitting down, taking a break, and enjoy an ice cold beer it has to be Germany. That seems like a natural thing to do when one is touring the Germany pavilion, but there's so much more to this gorgeous pavilion including great shops, a fun family dining experience, and of course caramel corn.

Top 5 Favorite Things in Epcot’s France Pavilion

While spending any amount of time in World Showcase is a great idea on any given day, there is one pavilion that tugs at the heartstrings just a bit harder than all the others. France has always been my absolute favorite pavilion for so many reasons, starting with a lifelong obsession with the actual country. The fact that I can get a plate of cheese with a side of bread at the bakery doesn't hurt either.

A Few of Our Favorite Things about Epcot’s Future World

Epcot has in recent years become our second-favorite theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort. While the Magic Kingdom will always hold that top spot for nostalgic reasons, if given the choice we're headed to Epcot first every time.

Top 5 Things To Love about Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion

Epcot's World Showcase is one of our favorite spots to spend an afternoon (or three) when visiting the Walt Disney World Resort. There is always something new and fun to discover, but there are also tried and true favorites in each pavilion. Today we're heading to one of our favorite spots, the Mexico pavilion.

Paying at the Food and Wine Festival Booths

Since I've gotten recent questions on the subject I thought I'd pull this post out of the archives because knowing how you're going to pay for all that grub Food & Wine Festival is important business! The 2015 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival offers a veritable plethora of sip and tastes for you to indulge in, as well as tastings, seminars, and food and wine themes merchandise.

Snack & Savor Africa At The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

I must admit, my heart skipped a little when reading the menu for the 2015 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Africa Marketplace Booth. Not only is there a dish that has Sanaa fans buzzing (can you say buttered chicken), but this year they'll be featuring one of my very favorite wines. Read on to take a peek at the what this Marketplace Booth will be serving up.