How Big A Disney Fanatic Are You.?

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They always say money doesn't buy happiness and I find that true for Disney World trips. It's more so about the time you have and how you make the most out of it. Disney trips are expensive but so are sporting match tickets, a night at a musical theater or concert or an evening movie screening. People have their own reasons for spending what they want to spend. Are some cases unjustifiable? Absolutely. Could people be more wiser in terms of saving money but getting the same enjoyable experience? Absolutely. But all that matters is that when everything is finished, we are happy and satisfied. If not, we'll always look elsewhere for other things to enjoy.


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We don't go every year, and we stay moderate or value when we do, and we always go off-season. We usually go for about 9-10 days as we're flying from the UK to make it worth our while. Without giving too much away, I would say that for a 9-10 day stay, I would never pay over PS3000/$4600 ish including my flights from the UK. I've had family members and friends say to me that it's too expensive, but the way I look at it is as follows:

We live cheaply day to day, and don't spend a lot of money on luxuries like nights out, fancy clothes etc. We have no dependants other than our cat. Our house is in a relatively cheap area so our mortgage repayments are not super expensive. I only go on about two holidays a year, one of which is usually a cheaper trip within Europe, and another which is usually a bigger trip to the U.S. I have family members who go on 3-4 holidays a year within Europe, so I think we probably don't spend any more on holidays than them. We are expert budgeters who work very hard to ensure we are only spending within our means, and frankly, Disney and tattoos are my luxuries. Most who are able have luxury items that they spend money on - my sister loves designer handbags for example, and my Mum goes on luxury cruises. I think that as long as you're not hurting anyone and you're still giving back to society, you might as well enjoy your life as you only get one! Laughing out loud