"Just Married" buttons discontinued!

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Kris1971 wrote:
Truthfully guys/gals, I'm finding this entire thread to be a bit much. Its a button for crying out loud. Its not an entitlement. I have to agree with Jeff...."this is not the type of forum that promotes hate or disdain for any group or occupation", and quite frankly, I'd like to see the entire thread removed by an administrator because I'm starting to find it a bit offensive, and that's not something I'd expect from this forum!

awesome awesome awesome awesome


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Kris1971 wrote:
I'd like to see the entire thread removed by an administrator because I'm starting to find it a bit offensive, and that's not something I'd expect from this forum!

While I understand that this conversation has been difficult at best, WDWFG is not in the habit of removing threads from the forum. We try very hard to support all of our members, even when we may not understand their passion or frustration over something. I am sure that Paul only wanted to have a place to express his frustration, and prolific use of exclamation marks is not against our terms of service. With Disney appealing to such a wide range of patrons, there is sure to be an occasional disagreement.

I'm very proud of the way our forum members have politely responded, offered possible explanations, and taken their own personal time trying to help locate a pair of buttons for Paul. It goes to show the genuine heart of the members of our forum, and it is truly an honor to participate.

Though all of the moderators have been closely monitoring this thread, currently the best way for the conversation to be over, is simply not to post.

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mrhub wrote:
Also as an idea, I know from experience that the CM's at the Christmas shops that do the customized ornaments are known to customize the buttons for people. That's even more of a personal touch. You never know when the magic will happen!

Thanks for the great tip...I wasn't aware of this Smile



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This thread recently popped into my head, and upon looking at it again, I noticed that Paul is actually currently on his DisneyMoon. I wonder how this story ended, and I'd also like to wish him a happy Honeymoon.


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I know that they have the just married buttons still floating around. You just have to look for them. But Happily Ever After has the same meaning.

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I thought I saw "Just Married" mouse ear hats though.

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I found several online A couple are Disneyland. It says Just Married which seems to be important here.


or is there something going on that I do not understand.


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Not important enough to pay $70 for a WDW Just Married pin.