What Do You Carry Around the Parks?

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Im the DH, so I carry around the backpack with all the same things that the other DH's are carrying around for the wife. This next trip however, we will need a lot more than just a backpack since we will have an extra person coming with us! haha

OH! Can't forget about PAL Mickey! I never go to the parks without him!


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This time we just carried one draw string back pack. We carried our ids, some cash and one phone for MDE purposes. In our backpack we carried tums, ponchos, bottle of water, bandaids.


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We bought a Bagalinni brand bag. It was the small backpack style with convertible straps to make it one shoulder. We LOVED it. It was small enough to not feel combersome but big enough to hold everything we needed. AND it wasn't so girly that my DH couldn't carry it (we picked brown). Pricier than I would have liked but it held up AMAZINGLY and will forever be my Disney/travel bag.
Next best purchase were the soft sided Brita water bottles. Refillable but FILTERED water bottles for Florida tap water? Yes please! awesome
So items carried:
ID, KTTW, $$, Brita water bottle (1-we shared), phones, camera, sunscreen, bandaids, Burt's Bees chapstick, Excedrin, ponchos


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The past two trips i carried a Chrome Metro bike messenger bag with all the family junk. (Sunscreen, umbrella, rain jacket, camel bak filtered bottles (FL h2o taste like dirt)) but I've decided that the bag sits too high on my back for the FL humidity, even in the off season when we typically visit. My wife has MS, so the umbrella and some other key items to provide shade and some sense of 'cool' are non negotiable.

For our next trip I've downsized to smaller Chrome bag, the Vega, which slings cross body and sits low on the hip. This will likely come along with the requirement that the kids cary their own stuff & take responsibility for it.

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BuffaloBill wrote:
NHshorty and I generally carry one backpack with 2 water bottles, ponchos, extra socks, Glide, bandaids, gum, NHShorty's wallet, rental car keys, phones, camera supplies, sweatshirts (seasonal), and possibly a plastic folder with our travel plans and documents. I usually carry my money clip for cash and plastic and my point and shoot digital camera. NHShorty carries a few things in her pockets too.

For some rides, the money clip and camera go into the backpack.

We've only used Magic Bands for our 3 day visit at the end of 2013. I can't say they changed what we carry. I also found that about half the time I kept my MB in the backpack.

We don't want to carry a lot, but we don't want to have to run back to the car for something either.

We are pretty careful people, so we both know where the backpack is 100% of the time. Which includes the time I left it in the WL lobby (I knew where I left it).

Pretty much how we travel the World, too. Small pack for water, sun glasses, rain gear, sun block and stashing the small trinkets. We've used lockers when necessary and have been known to bring only our Keys to the Kingdom or wristbands. Yes, we are daring sometimes!

I am the carrier of things so have an extra spidey-sense and keep the bag close always! cool


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h0ney227 wrote:
This time we just carried one draw string back pack. We carried our ids, some cash and one phone for MDE purposes. In our backpack we carried tums, ponchos, bottle of water, bandaids.

Almost the same. I carry a small bag with the med items, wear the bracelet, so ID and cash isn't needed now. We have collapsible water bottles that each carries for themselves, ziplock bag and rain poncho rolled up tight with rubberband. The last three are each person's fault.
This adding one item - collapsible beer glass because we are doing F&W and we hate the easily collapsible plastic glasses they hand out so we are pouring into our own. They rinse out and collapse into a flat disk but hold 1 pint.


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As little as possible! Typically Chapstick and my phone in pockets. Beyond that I carry a lanyard with my ID and cards but that's it.