What is the thing you miss most?

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jw24 wrote:
This is hard for me considering I haven't gone to Disney as many times in comparison to everyone else and I never got to experience some of the great classics like the Horizons or Mr Toad's Wild Ride of the world.

Anyway, for me, I do miss seeing Dumbo right in the heart of Fantasyland behind the castle. I understand the need to add more capacity and New Fantasyland but even though I don't ride Dumbo, I can't help but think that the Dumbo ride right in the middle of Fantasyland is so picturesque and iconic. Other than that, since I heard they changed the drinks at Club Cool, I will certainly miss the watermelon soda but I do hope the melon soda from Thailand will ease the loss whenever my next visit will be!

Yes that was the one thing I had trouble with last trip. Now the thing I miss most is the original version of Immagination


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I miss Minnie Mouse's house as it's one of my most vivid Disney memories. I also miss Snow White, and will miss Maelstrom.

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I haven't been going to Disney for very long - my first trip I was 20, and I was immediately addicted and have been going since. So I missed out on tonnes of things mentioned above - like Spectromagic, Horizons and 20,000 Leagues.

But in my limited time visiting the World I had come to love Maelstrom. Less flashy than most rides, but still very magical (in my opinion anyways). I love Frozen and am pumped to see what they do with the ride... But I'll miss the trolls and the splash down into an oil rig... It wasn't the most "Disney" of rides - but I really did enjoy it.


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Quite Simply...

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
Mickey's Toon Town
the "Listen to the Land" Song
The "original" Imagination Ride with Figment (They ruined this ride when they renovated it) and put all the "video" in.

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I think I only got to ride on it once, though I saw an article the other day that said it closed in 1994 and I was there in 1996 was 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I vaguely remember it but I thought it was fun.

Alien Encounter
Body Wars
Spaceship Earth before they put the screens and such in the seats
Tapestry of Nations Parade
Backlot Tours
The Magic Hat at HS
The Hunchback of Notre Damn Show
Discovery Island (the original that was on the island across from the boat dock at Wildnerness Lodge)
Tarzan Rocks
And newly added to my list will be The Osborne Lights sad

There are many things that I miss but I do agree some things need to be updated. But there are a few things that I wish they still had.


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Tangarora buffett in the Poly. Ended sometime in the mid 90s.


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subvetss wrote:
Tangarora buffett in the Poly. Ended sometime in the mid 90s.

We used to have table service breakfast in the Tangarora terrace in the 1980s. We loved it and miss it.


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Well I could say the chicken waffle sandwich and the sweet cream cheese soft pretzel, but as of yesterday, I understand that both have returned! (even of not quite in their former glory)


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The old Soarin'

I really like the new one, don't get me wrong. I just really loved the old.


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subvetss wrote:
Tangarora buffett in the Poly. Ended sometime in the mid 90s.

That was my step-dad's favorite restaurant. muchlove