Your favorite souvenir

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Glad to hear from you oufpat and welcome to our Disney lovers group.


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I am planing on buying a few nice pin sets this time I do hope there is a new stitch plush there but wont hold my breath, I may get some of the architect lego sets I want to use them with my photography

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I have 3. First is my Son, produced by Disney Magic and my favorite Souvenir! Wink
My 2nd is a Swarovski Crystal Dumbo. I saw it in a store in Austria and had to have it, but she wouldn't sell it to me saying it was her personal piece. We tried to find it on 3 separate Disney trips and my husband, while he was deployed in Kosovo, managed to find it on line and gave it to me for Christmas one year. muchlove I was floored! lol
the 3rd was a stuffed Stitch that I got after we saw a Stitch interaction attraction and Stitch claimed over and over in the show that he loved me and raspberried my husband. rolling LOVED IT!

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I have three.
1)My pair of mickey earings that I bought on our very first trip.
2) My mickey mouse watch that I bought two trips ago and I wear it most every day. I remember it fondly because a nice elderly man named Bob who was working at Uptwon Jewelry helped me to try it on and get the right fit. He was a dear old man, whos hands shook terribly while trying to assist me. I think of him everytime I put it on.
3) Our Disney shadow box from our very first trip- it holds the pictures from our first trip nearly 10 years ago, along with tickets and maps.

I have other things as well but those are the things I treasure most. Smile

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I did pick-a-pearl at Japan in Epcot and had a ring made. Sooooo pretty and simple.