Left-over Snack Credits Are Great For Snacky Souvenirs

I love the Deluxe Disney Plan; however frequently on the last day of my Walt Disney World vacations I find myself standing in the hotel lobby wondering what to do with a handful of leftover snack credits. This dilemma has given way to one of my family's Disney traditions, the snack haul. Unwilling to let those extra credits go to waste I head to the hotel gift shop just before I have to hop on the Magical Express and spend them on delicious pre-packaged snacks for the folks back home.

Buy Pre-packaged Snacks With Leftover Snack CreditsBuy Pre-packaged Snacks With Leftover Snack Credits

  • Mickey Krispie Treats - I like the ones without chocolate ears, but my kids will delight in any Mickey krispie treat they can get their hands on. Yes, in our house people will throw down for the last gooey marshmallowy Mickey treat.

  • Minnie's Bake Shop Cookies - I haven't figured out how Minnie does it, but these pre-packaged cookies stay soft and chewy like they were just made. White Chocolate Raspberry is a family favorite, but I prefer the Peanut Butter.

  • Chip & Dale Pretzels - Crispy little Mickey shaped pretzels with just the right crunch and a pop of salt. These get popped right into my purse, and honestly, rarely make it off the airplane.

  • Main Street Popcorn - So many flavors to choose from! Kettle Corn, Carmel Corn, and Cinnamon French Toast are just some of the delightful flavors to chose from. A few of these pre-packaged bags are a perfect take home snack because they stay fresh for your late night munchies and satisfy a variety of appetites.

UPDATE! In December of 2017 the TSA became a little stricter with food being carried through security at airports. This can cause slight delays and possible hand-checks of your carry-on baggage. Here's what the TSA website has to say about carrying food.

If your snacks are pretzels, potato chips, dried fruit or other dry goods, you can take them in your carry-on or checked bag. Snack items that are liquids or gels, like pudding, jello or yogurt, etc., falls under the 3-1-1 rules for liquids for carry-on bags. They can be transported in checked bags.

So next time you're left with extra snack credits at the end of a trip and don't know what to do, remember that pre-packaged snacks can make great souvenirs. Our thanks to the Disney Food Blog for use of their snacky images to make our collage!

Do you ever end up with extra credits on the dining plan? How do you use them? Leave a comment below and share your ideas with us!

PJsLife wrote on Fri, 10/31/2014 - 17:50:

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We did the same thing with ours except we went to DTD to the big store there and redeemed ours. We also got bottles of water for the car.

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