What does Universal Do Best?

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What does Universal Do Best?

What do you think that Universal does better than anyone else? Is there something awesome that keeps you going back again and again?

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Um yeah..Harry Potter. I only forsake Mickey for Harry! biggrin

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Right. The Harry Potter stuff is amazing. Universal also does extreme thrill rides better than Disney - not that I care since motion sickness prevents me from experiencing those attractions. So I'll go once in a while for Harry Potter but otherwise stick with Disney.

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Their thrill rides are good, particularly Hogwarts, Ripe Ride Rockit, and Dueling Dragons back when they would get set off at the same time. I wouldn't say there is anything there that keeps me coming back again and again though.

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It's a little difficult to really quantify. Disney is for the family whereas Universal is clearly aimed more at the non-family types - teenagers and adults who thrive on thrills more than anything.

What do they do best? Definitely the thrill rides. The Rip Rock-It Rollercoaster is great, Transformers, Spider-Man (the same type of ride), The Hulk was pretty awesome before they closed it. They do the whole movie experience in a park thing better - if you directly compare it to Hollywood Studios. Although HS opened sooner, there's a feeling it was only in response to Universal opening down the road. Oh, and Harry Potter...I guess now they have it, it's difficult to see where Disney might have made it better. If I'm at Universal, I have to go get a butter beer and they're only in Hogsmeade...

I like both parks - I'll go to Universal to satisfy the thrill side part of me, then happily wander around the Disney parks taking in the happiness around me.

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I only go to Universal for Harry Potter and even that's only every few years unlike every (and sometimes multiple times) year like Disney.

But they do thrill rides better for sure.

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I don't know if they do anything great, they've been able to purchase the rights to movies and then come up with great attractions. I haven't heard many families say they are heading to Universal for vacation, it's still a side note but if they figure it out then Disney might be in trouble. Hopefully Disney stays ahead of the game.


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Harry Potter. Definitely Harry Potter. The attention to detail in WWoHP rivals Disney's, right down to the owl poo on the rafters in the post office. laugh

A few years ago, I might have said Mythos restaurant. Excellent food. I'm only counting lunch because I usually don't eat dinner in the parks. Mythos had the best lunch I had ever eaten in a theme park. Now that Disney's added Be Our Guest, I'm not so sure anymore. I ate dinner at Be Our Guest once (very good dinner service), but I've never eaten lunch there. I've heard mixed reviews on lunch service. I'll withhold judgment until I've tried it myself.


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