15 Things To Do The Week Before You Leave For Walt Disney World

The week before leaving on vacation can be a busy and stressful time. You need to pull together all the last little details, make sure loose ends are tied up, and get everything ready for your journey. My advice is to make a list, make several lists if you need be! Here's my list of the last 15 Things To Do The Week Before You Leave For Walt Disney World.

15 Things To Do The Week Before You Leave For Walt Disney World15 Things To Do The Week Before You Leave For Walt Disney World

1. The Grind

It's just as important to be prepared for vacation at work as it is for the vacation itself. Prioritize your work week to get everything cleared off you plate before you leave. Allow some wiggle room for unexpected tasks to pop up. Talk to your co-workers and let them know you will be gone, pass on relevant passwords, projects, and deadlines. Make sure your clients have contact information for your back-up person. Lay out some communication expectations with your boss and your team while you are away. My favorite is "don't call."

2. Pharmacy Run

Whether you need refills on prescriptions, or you are just picking up some over the counter pain killers, a run to the pharmacy should be on your pre-trip list of things to do. I've had to buy cold medicine for a family of 5 in the hotel gift shop, trust me when I say that you want to pack your own.

3. Make Bill Payments

If you can help it, don't break the Disney bubble. Make advance plans for your bills to be paid on time, and enjoy your vacation without worrying about keeping the lights on at home.

4. Let Someone Know Your Plans

It's always a good idea to leave a copy of your itinerary with a family or a close friend in case of emergency. While these days most people can be contacted via their cell phones, no one plans for tragedy. Be sure to let someone know where you are going and how to get a hold of you ahead of time.

Make A Pharmacy RunMake A Pharmacy Run

5. Security Holds

Make a stop at your post office and put your mail on temporary hold, give your newspaper company a call and do the same. You don't want your house to look empty while you are gone. If you are traveling out of the country it can also be a good idea to let your bank and credit card companies know you are traveling abroad. If you'll be using timers to set for sprinklers, and lights make sure you have 1 timer for each item. If someone will be coming by to take care of your animals, make sure they have instructions and a key.

6. Visit The Bank

Most of America is perfectly happy to work in a cashless manner, unless of course you're talking about tips. Be sure to hit the bank to get a range of small bills. You'll need this stash of cash to tip drivers, skycaps, bellhops, and bartenders along the way.

7. Confirm Everything

While the MyDisneyExperience app makes this a pretty easy task, there are a couple of other places you need to check. If you never received Disney Magical Express paperwork and you plan on using the service give them a call to be sure you are expected. Also if you have any non-Disney hotels and events on your schedule be sure to double check those reservations too. I've run into hiccups in the past with my non-Disney reservations, I highly suggest doing this a few days before you travel so you have time to make a new plan if needed.

8. Check In For Your Flights

Many airlines now allow you to check-in 24 hours before you flight departs. If you're flying Southwest and don't have a reserved seat, be sure to do this as soon as you are able to for the best possible boarding position.

Update MyDisneyExperience And Travel AppsUpdate MyDisneyExperience And Travel Apps

9. Check The Weather

We all like to think that the weather in Florida is warm and sunny all the time. However, that's not exactly true. Check the weather forecast for your Disney destination and make any last minute adjustments to your packing plan as needed.

10. Download Updates

Take a minute to download updates to your mobile device, especially for apps that you may use when you travel. Get the latest version of MyDisneyExperience, and Play Disney Parks to make the most of Disney technology.

11. Charge Up

Make sure your electronic have a full charge, and you have packed your chargers, as well as extra batteries where applicable.

12. Clean Up The House

Eat, throw out, or give away any perishable food. Take out the trash, and any dishes or laundry that shouldn't be sitting around while you are gone. You don't have to get crazy with your cleaning, just spruce things up so you don't come home to a mess. Nothing is worse than coming home from the beautiful Disney resorts to a messy house.

Re-Set Your Purse & WalletRe-Set Your Purse & Wallet

13. Finish Packing

I'm usually packed a week or more before I leave, but there always seems to be a few last minute items that have to be tossed in the suitcase. The night before you go finish up all your packing by early evening. This will leave you a few hours to remember anything you forgot before you leave the house.

14. Re-Set Your Purse & Wallet

Start by cleaning out your purse or wallet. Toss old receipts, flyers, and other miscellaneous garbage that can tend to gather. Once you've cleaned up, make sure to add some vacation essentials that you will need while you travel. Toss in things such as a small sun screen, hand sanitizer, your phone charger, and don't forget the MagicBands!

15. Stage Your Exit

Once everything is packed up and ready to go the night before you leave, put it in a holding area next to your front door. With everything in one place you have much less of a chance to forget things. When it's time to go everything is set and ready for fun.

Once you've checked off your pre-vacation list, you're good to go! There's nothing left but adventure. Is there anything that you would add to this list? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

JeffC wrote on Thu, 10/25/2018 - 23:52:

You forgot "Revisit your FastPass plans and keep trying to score that last one you really wanted but still haven't gotten!!" HA.

I also visit the travel size section of the local supermarket or store and see if there are any of those vacation essentials I should pick up for the trip. It's usually travel packs of kleenex, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, disinfecting wipes for the plane and to throw in the back pack at the parks.....

I have on my list to turn off the washer hose. Happened to me once while gone for a few days and will never let it happen again!

I also recheck all the park hours 2 weeks out and a week out just in case something changed that would affect my plans.

And finally, visit the Disney Food Blog a few days before leaving for anything new that you must try!!

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