5 Reasons To Love Frontierland

Continuing to make our way around the Magic Kingdom, the next stop on our 5 Reasons To Love Tour is Frontierland! So round-up your partners and get ready for five fantastic reasons that Frontierland is a Walt Disney World place we love.

The Mountains

The terrain can be steep in these parts, especially once you get off the beaten path, but the red rock spires and deeply trenched earth hide some truly thrilling features in Frontierland. Splash Mountain is not your average log ride, this sunny adventure explores the mis-adventures of a restless Br'er Rabbit heading off from his home, that culminates in a 40 MPH plummet down Chickapin Hill.

Just across the way (these two thrill rides are sweetly located right across the path from each other) Big Thunder Mountain Railroad offers guests the "wildest ride in the wilderness" as they race around the peaks and spiral around towers at exuberant speeds.

Splash Mountain Rises 87ft Above the LandscapeSplash Mountain Rises 87ft Above the Landscape

Tom Sawyer Island

Take a raft journey across the Rivers of America to what may be one the most overlooked attraction in the Magic Kingdom, Tom Sawyers Island. A staple of the Magic Kingdom since 1973 this rustic island in the middle of a bustling park allows guests to escape the rush and just explore. Like my love for the Tiki Room, Tom Sawyer Island has a special place in my heart for its nostalgic charm, and simple pleasures.

Take the Raft to Tom's LandingTake the Raft to Tom's Landing

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Disney's Servin' up some plain good grub at the Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe, with burgers and barbecue on the menu. For many fans of these vittles, the real star of the show is the awesome toppings bar where guests can pile their burgers high with all the fixings. There's plenty of indoor seating at this counter service restaurant, making it a fantastic place to take a break out of the sun. During the off dining hours, you can usually find a spot or two to charge-up the electronics as well.

The Frontierland entrance to Pecos Bill'sThe Frontierland entrance to Pecos Bill's

Parade Route Seating

While the Hub and Main Street U.S.A. is where most folks flock to watch the fabulous Magic Kingdom Parades, my preference is to stake out a spot across from the Frontierland Shootin' Arcade. While you still need to arrive a little early to have a front row view, it's not as dog eat dog as parade spots in the Hub are. And - watching the parade from Frontierland puts you that much closer to hit the stand-by lines of some of the Magic Kingdom's best attractions once it's over.

Electric Light Parade from Liberty SquareGreat Parade Views

There's so much to love about Frontierland - I didn't even touch on the shopping, musical strolling cowboys, and hello - Churros! Frontierland is home to many classic attractions that can be enjoyed by guests of all ages and if one of my favorite Magic Kingdom Lands.

What do you love about Frontierland? Leave a comment below and share your wild west favorites with us!

MK wrote on Wed, 09/23/2015 - 18:15:

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Love riding Splash Mountain at night! Right before the drop you get a beautiful view of the glowing castle. One of my favorites!

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