Advice For Staying Cool While Touring The Disney Parks

When visiting Walt Disney World in the summer months mean you are guaranteed hot, humid weather that can be difficult to escape. Florida's subtropical climate can be brutal if you're not prepared, my favorite way to beat the heat is to make plenty of time for the resort pool, but what about while touring? Never fear because I'm about to share a few tips for you to beat the heat and enjoy your summer vacation without a trip to the ER for heat exhaustion.

Advice For Staying Cool While Touring The Disney ParksAdvice For Staying Cool While Touring The Disney Parks

Visit air conditioned attractions at strategic times. While all of the indoor rides are air conditioned, sometimes you need to spend more than a few minutes in the A/C. The afternoon hours when the sun is strongest is a great time to visit any one of the indoor shows or attractions at the theme parks. Our favorites include the Hall of Presidents, Carousel of Progress, The Festival of the Lion King, Soarin' and The American Adventure. Alternating cool attractions with those that have outdoor queues can help your overall stamina and extend your ability to tour through the heat.

Drink plenty of water! This may be one of the most important things to remember when touring the theme parks... stay hydrated! Carry a water bottle and refill it frequently, make use of the filling stations provided by Disney at water fountains, buy a bottle of water from a vendor, or visit any quick service dining location and request a cup of free ice water. There are even new Self-Serve Water Stations for guests to use. If you're goal is to drink around the world, be sure to alternate your beverages with water!

I bought one of the new Mickey Mouse Repeatables Roll-Up Water Bottles and loved how I could colapse it and toss it into my purse when it wasn't in use. It was my favorite souvenir from this trip!

Carry A Water Bottle And Refill It FrequentlyCarry A Water Bottle And Refill It Frequently

Find a spot in the shade... There are many seats in the shade at all the theme park, whether you're at a table with an umbrella or just under a big shade tree. Being able to get out of the direct sun can do you a world of good. Take a break out of the sun and use the time to drink some water, reapply sunscreen, and decide where you'll be heading next! This is harder in some parks than in others, so keep your eyes open for that spot in the shade.

Wear a hat with a wide brim. Remember how I said it can be easier to find shade in some parks more than others? With a quality sun hat you bring your own shade with you. My family spent our Day at Epcot without hats much to our regret. This is us on day two, Animal Kingdom is a great place to go hat shopping by the way.

Animal Kingdom Has A Great Selection Of HatsAnimal Kingdom Has A Great Selection Of Hats

Get soaked on a water ride. Whether you're Playing in the Fountains of Imagination (a light splashing) or traveling down the Kali River Rapids (where you'll get soaked), cooling off on one of Disney's water rides is always a good plan. Just remember that you'll be walking around with squishy shoes and wet clothes for a while.

Wear a cooling towel. I noticed cooling towels being sold at many of the Disney gift shops. These handy accessories work via "evaporative cooling," moisture from the surfaces of these towels evaporates at a faster rate than your skin, which heightens the cooling feeling on the skin. I may have come home with a couple of these as well.

Get soaked on Kali River RapidsGet soaked on Kali River Rapids

Take your meals inside and use your lunch to get out of the sun and into some air conditioning. Dinner reservations are popular at the Disney Parks, but you can make advanced dinning reservations for the mid-day meal as well. Using this heat beating strategy will give you the opportunity sit down and rest in a controlled climate, drink some water, and fill you tummy all at once.

Eat some ice cream! Staying cool can be just as fun as any other part of Walt Disney World. While I'm pretty partial to a Dole Whip, any kind of ice cream will do, whether it's a sundae, cone, or everyone's favorite the Mickey Mouse ice cream bar.

Eat Ice Cream And That's An OrderEat Ice Cream And That's An Order

Water bottles, hats, cooling towels, ice cream... I spent a lot of money on this trip because I wasn't pre-prepared for the Florida heat. I hope that this article helps you come up with some solid strategies of your own to be prepared where I wasn't.

Everyone has their favorite way to stay cool during the summer at Walt Disney World, so tell us: what is your favorite thing to do when visiting Disney during the dog days of summer? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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