The Beach Club's "Drawing Room"

Are you ready for some screaming excitement? Then you've come to the wrong post! Today we're going to look at one of my favorite places to relax in Disney World, "The Drawing Room."

Drawing Room EntranceDrawing Room Entrance

The Drawing Room is a small room located in the Beach Club. Now someone's going to chime in and correct me that they're in the Beach Club Villas, but I'm not going to draw the distinction. It's all beachy to me.

Beach Club ExteriorBeach Club Exterior

As you walk into the room you'll notice one of my favorite characteristics about the Drawing Room: There's no one in there!

View from the DoorwayView from the Doorway

One of my favorite rare finds in Disney World is a nice quiet place to relax, and this fits the bill. You're probably thinking to yourself that this would be a great place to take a nap. Well as someone who has walked in on a family using it as a nap-room, I can tell you it's a bit creepy. So it's probably best to skip the nap. Who would want to sleep anyway when you can marvel at the decor?


Nothing says "Beach" like a lamp that appears to be shaped like a sextant. That's a sextant, right? So I guess we're setting a course on the beach? Maybe they stole that from the Yacht Club? Anyway it works for me.

Another fantastic feature of the room, carpet styled to look like it has a rug on it:

Drawing Room CarpetDrawing Room Carpet

Next we come to the ... dollhouse? I can never decide if this is quaint or creepy, but I'm glad it's there either way:


Probably the most striking decor in the room is the stained glass flower set into the window:

Stained GlassStained Glass

You can also see how inviting the whole thing looks from the outside at night. It looks downright homey:

Window From OutsideWindow From Outside

You may think I'm quite mad to be this interested in a small quiet room in the Beach Club, but I can tell you this: A quiet sanctuary in Disney World is nothing to dismiss lightly. Vacations are supposed to be about relaxation and I find peace and quiet (and cool air in the summer) are often in short supply in the World.


Tammy wrote on Sat, 04/09/2011 - 00:59:

Tammy's picture

I love the how quaint the drawing room is, I spend at least a few hours there everytime we stay at the beachclub.

JeffC wrote on Sat, 04/09/2011 - 02:13:

I did not know this existed! Now I do!

That carpet is cool. The dollhouse - not so sure about that. Does that phone next to the sextant lamp work? Who would you call? Or who would call The Drawing Room?

Debating whether I think you are quite mad....will get back to you.

mandyandriley wrote on Sat, 04/23/2011 - 22:32:

mandyandriley's picture

Very nice! I'm hoping I can get some of that fine faux rug carpeting in my home.

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