Bringing Food into Walt Disney World Theme Parks

Even if you aren't traveling to the Walt Disney World theme parks with a baby who needs baby food, you might consider bringing your own food into the parks.

This decision might be due to the fact that you want to save money or snack credits or maybe someone in your traveling party has food allergies and they need their own food. Or maybe you don't want to spend the money on bottle water.

No matter the reason, guests often wonder if bringing food into the Disney World theme parks is allowed and the simple answer is yes.

Bringing Food into Walt Disney World Theme ParksBringing Food into Walt Disney World Theme Parks

Every time we visit the theme parks I have packed our "park bag" with food items, whether that was jars of baby food when the kids were younger, snacks as they grew older, or in the case of our most recent trip, snacks that our daughter could eat that were "nut free."

So, what can you bring into the parks? Just about anything with the exception of alcohol. Bringing your own bottled water is a way to save money and stay hydrated, so that's a win-win in our books.

Snacks for the kids (and grownups) are always a good idea too. Why spend money or snack credits when you can bring bags of Goldfish crackers or popcorn or something else that won't melt. This way you can save your snack credits for the really good snacks. And if you want to pack your lunch you can do that too.

Also remember that it is usually hot at Disney World so you don't want to be carrying around snacks or other food that will melt. And if you are bringing food that is perishable (such as sandwiches) don't forget to pack them in ice or cooling packs in order to keep them fresh.

Some of our favorite snacks for a theme park daySome of our favorite snacks for a theme park day

Now the prospect of carrying a small cooler full of food around might seem less than pleasant when it's the middle of summer and the temperature is hovering somewhere near 1 million degrees. If you have a stroller you can store the small cooler in the bottom of the stroller.

If you don't have a stroller, you can rent a locker in any of the Disney theme parks where you can store a small cooler or tote bag. Keep in mind however that the lockers are at the front of the park and it could be a long walk back to the lockers when your group gets hungry.

What exactly is a "small cooler"? If you are bringing a cooler into the Disney theme parks it cannot be any larger than 24"x15"x18". We suggest buying a small soft-sided cooler or maybe even an insulated backpack. You'll definitely want something that is easy to carry and fits within the size specification.

Bring water and snacks in a small coolerBring water and snacks in a small cooler

Whether you're planning on packing a picnic, bringing bottles of water with you to save money, or bringing in food for members of your family with food allergies, as long as you plan ahead and pack it in the right size bag you should have no issues.

How often do you bring your own food into the Walt Disney World theme parks? Leave us a comment and let us know.

Karen Chandler wrote on Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:29:

Karen Chandler's picture

We have always brought bottles so we can refill them at the water fountains. Now that I am a diabetic, I will start bring snacks and food that aren't to high in carbs. Nothing is going to stop me from going to WDW!!! Plus I have found a page that is for diabetics going to WDW. Thanks Disney for thinking of everyones needs!!

Clint S. wrote on Thu, 08/14/2014 - 17:42:

Clint S.'s picture

Also you can get free ice water at places that serve fountain drinks.

Sue wrote on Thu, 08/14/2014 - 23:23:

Sue's picture

We take our water, lunch items and snacks every time we visit the park. We put them in our back packs -once I got used to wearing it-best way to visit the park. We freeze at least 2 water bottles one for each back pack -small cooler to go in the uninsulated back pack to keep the perishables cold. Its amazing how much you can take in with you- pre cooked chicken breast or cold meat /cheese slices in baggies, celery, carrots and of course fruit. You can get snack sizes of lots of good for your snacks. Only way we now visit the parks!!!

Frankie wrote on Fri, 08/15/2014 - 00:47:

Frankie's picture

I love the fact that no matter what your food issues are the WDW Chef's will fix you something just for you! AWESOME!!!!

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