Disney Cruise Line's Castaway Cay Jet Ski Adventure

The ships of the Disney Cruise Line are beautiful, and certainly a destination in themselves, however one of the most popular ports of call they dock at is Disney's Private Island, Castaway Cay. Though adults have the option here of heading off to the exclusive Serenity Bay Beach, guests are also encouraged to sign up for some of the fun shore excursions available on the Island. For those wanting a little excitement in their stop on the island, I recommend the Jet Ski Adventure.

Disney Cruise Line's Castaway Cay Jet Ski AdventureDisney Cruise Line's Castaway Cay Jet Ski Adventure

Participants meet for the Jet Ski adventures on the boat beach, which is the first beach on the right as you arrive in the Castaway Cay guest areas. There you'll be welcomed by a cast member who will have you sign in and give you a 10-minute safety talk. In addition to the safety talk, two guides, and a safety boat, accompany each tour in case of emergency.

Castaway Cay Boat BeachCastaway Cay Boat Beach

Though this is considered a guided tour, it's only guided in the reasoning that you follow the guide. The first guide takes off and then the nest rider, participants the follow the rider in front of them, staying a minimum of 50 feet away from other craft. As the riders take off single file, the guide can end up easily a half-mile or more ahead of the guests at the end of the line.

Jet Ski's May Be Quite Far from the GuideJet Ski's May Be Quite Far from the Guide
Guests take off from the boat beach and head out past the ship, then to the right following along parallel to the shores of Castaway Cay until they come to the far side of the island adjacent to Serenity Bay. From there it's a sharp left out into the open waters between Castaway Cay and it's next closest islet. The crystal waters shimmer in cool tones of blue and green in this area. It's fairly shallow, and occasionally your guide will stop and gather everyone together so that he can free dive down to bring up starfish.

Take a Rest in the Shallows Between IslandsTake a Rest in the Shallows Between Islands
After this short break just bobbing along on the waves it's a speedy ride at (what seems like) high speed across the waves and around the island back to the other side. This active adventure is a thrilling experience that ocean lovers will adore. The cost for this guided tour is about $100 per person for a single rider rentals and it's a fantastic way for adults to get off the ship and have some extreme fun.

Have you taken a Castaway Cay Shore excursion? If so, what is your favorite way to spend some time? Would you like to give the Jet Ski's a try? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Allison Jones wrote on Sat, 05/12/2012 - 14:21:

Allison Jones's picture

This excursion is a lot of fun! It can get a little crazy based on the weather. We went during rough seas conditions and it was a little more challenging! It looks like it was a beautiful day during your trip!

Kristen K. wrote on Tue, 05/15/2012 - 12:41:

Kristen K.'s picture

Allison - We did have a beautiful day for our trip. I can imagine that it could get rough.

Katrina F wrote on Fri, 01/04/2013 - 22:34:

Katrina F's picture

my fiance and i are thinking about doing a trash the dress session on jet skis if we can pull it off... have to ask disney first...

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