Enjoy Authentic Japanese Cuisine Combined with a Fun Cooking Performance at Teppan Edo

The Japan pavilion in Epcot's World Showcase is one of our favorite pavilions thanks to its beauty, serenity, and the wonderful gardens where you can sit and watch the world go by. It's also home to two great table service locations, including Teppan Edo.

Teppan Edo in Epcot's Japan pavilionTeppan Edo in Epcot's Japan pavilion

If you're looking for a good (and very filling) meal with a side of fun entertainment, then Teppan Edo is the place for you. The restaurant is styled after a traditional Japanese steakhouse where part of the meal is the chef's performance as he or she cooks your meal in front of you.

Teppan Edo features family style seating around a large Hibachi grill and each table has its own personal chef. You won't leave hungry thanks to generous portions of meat, seafood, or chicken along with rice and Udon noodles.

Chef preparing vegetables on the cooktopChef preparing vegetables on the cooktop

When you enter Teppan Edo you'll immediately notice the decor. It's very sleek and uncluttered and it gives you a very peaceful feeling. The dining area features many small dining rooms that are joined by a long hallway. The tables are communal tables that seat eight people, so if you have a smaller party you'll be seated with strangers.

Don't let that deter you though as those strangers will quickly become your friends over dinner as you all enjoy the performance by the chef.

The Hibachi cooktop at Teppan EdoThe Hibachi cooktop at Teppan Edo

The menu at Teppan Edo features a selection of appetizers including sushi, edamame, assorted tempura, miso soup, and wafu ribs. While most of the appetizers are prepared in the kitchen, the wafu ribs are prepared on the Hibachi grill.

When selecting your entree you can choose from steak, filet mignon, chicken, combinations including Nihonbashi (steak and chicken breast), and seafood choices including Hotate (cold water sea scallops), or swordfish. Entrees are served with steamed rice and Udon noodles with vegetables and all items are prepared on the Hibachi grill.

Steak and chicken with noodles and vegetablesSteak and chicken with noodles and vegetables

The chefs start their cooking performance with several popular 'tricks' that can be found at Japanese steakhouses, including the volcano onion (a sliced onion is stacked like a volcano, filled with a small amount of oil, and then lit on fire).

As the food is cooked the chef will cook the meat in order based on the cooking time required, so your meal will be served in parts. Vegetables are served first, then fish, shrimp, or scallops, followed by chicken and steak. Each diner also receives several dipping sauces including a mustard sauce, a ginger sauce, and a Japanese ranch sauce.

If you still have room after your meal the dessert menu features a few sweet treats. Our favorite is the green tea cheesecake with raspberry sauce.

Green tea cheesecake at Teppan EdoGreen tea cheesecake at Teppan Edo

Teppan Edo is one of our favorite spots to eat when we visit Epcot. Not only do we get good food each time we visit but the Hibachi chefs always make it a fun and entertaining meal. Teppan Edo is a popular destination for guests so we recommended making Advance Dining Reservations 180 days in advance.

Have you dined at Teppan Edo? Is it one of your must-dine-at locations in Epcot? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Many thanks to the Disney Food Blog for use of their photos.

Kristen K. wrote on Mon, 12/29/2014 - 15:23:

Kristen K.'s picture

That green tea cheesecake looks really interesting! I bet my oldest daughter would love that.

Melissa W wrote on Mon, 12/29/2014 - 18:13:

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I've never been here, but wow it all looks delicious!

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