An Infinity Stone Primer Before You See Avengers: Infinity War

You might say I'm a little obsessed, but the moment Disney took over the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) I was sold on a whole new set of adventures. Sure, I had handled my share of Marvel magic through other outlets, growing up on a constant feed of X-men, but these 'Avengers' were new to me. When Robert Downey Jr. was cast as Iron Man for the 2008 debut film in this new cinematic venture, I was already hooked. Now - after a decade of getting to know a diverse collection of heroes and villains, we're all about to set off on a two-part adventure promised to be like none we have encountered before. "Avengers: Infinity War," is perhaps the biggest superhero movie ever made, and it opens in theaters everywhere on April 27th, 2018.

Avengers: Infinity War Is In Theaters April 27th, 2018Avengers: Infinity War Is In Theaters April 27th, 2018

"Avengers: Infinity War" picks up as Earth's mightiest Heroes and their allies have continued to protect the world from threats. However a dangerous menace has emerged from the edge of the cosmos Thanos. and he's headed this way. Thanos will stop at nothing to collect all six Infinity Stones while striving to wield unimaginable power and levee his twisted will on all of humanity. Wait. Infinity Stones? If you haven't been paying attention over the past decade, here is where it has all been leading.

Over the past ten years the Marvel Cinematic Universe Heroes have come across some very powerful artifacts. While movie goers have been catching glimpses of the artifacts for quite some time, we got our real confirmation of them from The Collector himself in Guardians of the Galaxy. "Six singularities... forged into concentrated ingots" at the birth of the universe. So just where have we seen these magical gems, and where are they now? Let's take a look.

A Gallery Of Infinity StonesA Gallery Of Infinity Stones

Tesseract (The Space Stone)

    This was the first Infinity Stone we encountered in the MCU. It was used by Red Skull in Captain America and found it's way into Loki's hands in The Avengers. A blue stone, the Tesseract is capable of teleporting anything from one point in the universe to the other. Thor took the space stone back to Asgard at the end of The Avengers where it was being kept in Odin's vault. However by the end of Thor: Ragnarok it was back in the hands of his brother.

Aether (The Reality Stone)

    A floating red liquid the Aether has a habit of attatching itself to hosts. Used as a major plot point in Thor: The Dark World, and the creator of the dark matter. Lady Sif takes the Aether to The Collector for safekeeping so that it wouldn't be in close proximity to the Tesseract on Asgard. Odin describes the Aether as "an ancient force of infinite destruction." However, The Collector's Fortress was wrecked during Guardians of the Galaxy, possibly leaving the Aether vulnerable.

Orb (The Power Stone)

    The purple stone gives the wielder incredible power cosmic powers of purple destruction, and has the potential to wipe out all organic life from a planet just by touching the surface. The orb that contained the stone was the major plot driver for Guardians of the Galaxy, and by the end of the film the Power Stone was given to Nova Corps on Xandar for protection.

Loki's Scepter / Vision (The Mind Stone)

    As seen in The Avengers, the yellow Mind Stone started off in the MCU as a piece of Loki's Scepter, which was given to him by Thanos. The Mind Stone lets the owner control the minds of others. In Avengers: Age of Ultron the scepter was also used to bring Vision to life. Currently the Mind Stone can be found glowing in the center Vision's forehead, keeping him alive.

The Eye of Agamotto (The Time Stone)

    The Time Stone is a main feature in the plot of Doctor Strange, where the hero uses the glowing green Eye of Agamotto's power to control time to defeat the demon Dormammu. Created a thousand years earlier by the first Sorcerer Supreme, the Eye of Agamotto's houses the Time Stone an helps its wearer control the power.

The Soul Stone

    We haven't see the Soul Stone in the MCU yet, but by process of elimination it should be orange. There are several thoughts floating around online as to what it could be, but I'm going to leave it as the mystery it currently appears. Assumptions are that the Souls Stone will have to make it's debut somewhere during "Avengers: Infinity War."

Now that you've had a primer on the Infinity Stones, you're up to date on the whereabouts of Thanos' quest. To defeat this powerhouse of a villain, The Avengers will have to assemble a team that includes members from every Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise. These allies must fight intense battles against both the enemy, and themselves. They will learn the meaning of true sacrifice as they attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the entire universe.

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