Modern BBQ Is Being Served Up Daily At The Polite Pig In Disney Springs

When it comes to a hearty meal that evokes the spirit of Summer, there are just a few things on my list, and at the very top is barbecue. The Walt Disney World Resort has its fair share of places to indulge in this traditional American fare, but the very best just may be from the new kid on the block. The Polite Pig is dominating the quick service scene at Disney Springs with deep smoke, rich flavors and exciting sides.

The Polite Pig At Disney SpringsThe Polite Pig At Disney Springs

Located in Disney Springs' Town Center, The Polite Pig is a quick service restaurant that delivers great modern BBQ in a casual environment. The unassuming store front blends in with the buildings around it, with the exception of shaded patio tabled, and an outdoor bar.

The interior is decorated with sort of an industrial country vibe, with a range of indoor seating at both high and low tables. While the design isn't particularly inspiring it is bright, airy, and perfectly comfortable. I also found the indoor outdoor bar design to be very clever.

The Polite Pig Interior Is Bright And AiryThe Polite Pig Interior Is Bright And Airy
Seating Includes High And Low TablesSeating Includes High And Low Tables
The Polite Pig Has An Indoor Outdoor BarThe Polite Pig Has An Indoor Outdoor Bar
Outdoor Side Of The BarOutdoor Side Of The Bar

Once inside guests step into the queue, when they can peruse the menu full of starters, snacks, sandwiches, salads and fresh market sides, and rich smoked meats. The line winds past a fun display of Polite Pig merchandise, and then around and past the smoke room; where if you are lucky you'll catch a glimpse of the BBQ master at work. The Polite Pig is the brain child of the husband and wife James Beard Award nominee team, James and Julie Petrakis. That this pair known for redefining Orlando's food culture has set up shop at Disney Springs is a stroke of genius, and nothing short of joyful.

The Polite Pig Has Lots Of Cute MerchandiseThe Polite Pig Has Lots Of Cute Merchandise
See You Next Time At The Polite PigSee You Next Time At The Polite Pig
The Polite Pig Smoke RoomThe Polite Pig Smoke Room
Polite Pig LollipopsPolite Pig Lollipops

The Polite Pig Menu is big and bold, with dishes that will delight carnivores and vegetarians alike. Entrees from the smoker include a Half Chicken, Pork Shoulder, Brisket, BBQ Cheddar Sausage, and Baby Back Ribs. If you want something a little lighter, a variety of sandwiches and salads featuring the smoked meats can be had. One of the most unique menu features are the Market Sides which offer a surprising variety of options for vegetarians including BBA Cauliflower, Tomato and Watermelon Salad, Sweet Potato Tots, Roast Beets, and Mac And Cheese just to name a few.

If you step up to the counter feeling a little overwhelmed by the choices, the staff is ready to help you out. Just let them know that it's your first time in and you need a bit of a menu tour. They will be more than happy to help you out with descriptions and recommendations of both the culinary creations, and the 20 craft brews on tap. It was pretty busy when my husband and I stopped in, none the less the service was excellent.

Order At The Counter Then Take A SeatOrder At The Counter Then Take A Seat
The Polite Pig MenuThe Polite Pig Menu
BBQ To Make Your Taste Buds SmileBBQ To Make Your Taste Buds Smile

In addition to the great selection of craft beers, the beverage wonderland includes soda, tea, classic cocktails and tasty wine. Plus, Bourbon fans will be in heaven when they cast their eyes on The Polite Pig's impressive whiskey collection. Once you place your order, find a seat and grab your drinks.

You might want to make a stop by the sauce bar as well. The Polite Pig offers a variety six different of BBQ sauces, but honestly the meats are so fantastic as they are, you don't need it. I suggest you grab a couple to try just to be adventurous.

20 Craft Brews On Tap20 Craft Brews On Tap
Polite Pig Beverage FountainPolite Pig Beverage Fountain
Dress It Up At The Sauce BarDress It Up At The Sauce Bar

My husband Geordon and I approached the menu with a plan to share as much as we could, while still being able to fit out the door when we left. We each order an entree from the smoker, which comes with slaw and corn bread, plus a market side. In addition, the Polite Pig was offering runDisney participants a special appetizer for race weekend, so we took them up on that, and I wanted dessert. That made for quite a bit of food to taste, and it came out quickly even though the restaurant was full.

Entrees Come With Cornbread, Slaw, and Choice Of SideEntrees Come With Cornbread, Slaw, and Choice Of Side

We started off with the Hop Salt Pretzel, with beer cheese fondue,
ipa mustard.
I'm a sucker for a great pretzel and this one was fantastic, and when dipped in the beer cheese fondue it was even better. The bread was soft and warm with that lovely chewy texture a good hot pretzel is known for. I could have easily made a meal out of that and a market side.

Hop Salt Pretzels With Beer Cheese FondueHop Salt Pretzels With Beer Cheese Fondue

Next up we dug into the Coffee Rubbed USDA Prime Brisket, with the signature polite slaw, and parmesan cheese sweet potato tots.

The brisket was tender and exceptionally lean, a dark bark of coffee rub giving way to a substantial pink smoke ring. It simply melted in my mouth, and the coffee rub complimented the luscious flavor of the meat. The slaw was tangy, and nice enough, but didn't wow me, however the corn bread and tots were a huge hit with my husband.

Coffee Rubbed Brisket Entree With Slaw And TotsCoffee Rubbed Brisket Entree With Slaw And Tots

The next thing I dug into was the BBQ Cheddar Sausage with bourbon glaze. One bite of this and I thought I had died and gone to barbecue heaven. The brisket had been good, but dear lord that sausage. It was salty, and sweet, and smokey with a bite of sharp cheddar and the bourbon glaze. So delicious.

The side I chose with that was the Tomato and Watermelon Salad with feta, basil, pickled onions. I just started eating watermelon in savory salads about a year ago, and this one was so fresh and clean tasting. I know it sounds like there's a lot going on all in one dish, but this salad is a great way to clear your palate after the rich meats.

BBQ Cheddar SausageBBQ Cheddar Sausage
BBQ Cheddar Sausage, Cornbread, Slaw, and Watermelon SaladBBQ Cheddar Sausage, Cornbread, Slaw, and Watermelon Salad

Finally, we wrapped up our meal with a slice of Orange Blossom Honey Cake. We were pretty stuffed by the time we had made our way through all of that food, but I just had to take one for the team and give this lovely little cake a try. I was worried that it would be overly sweet with the honey drizzled over the dense layers of cake and icing, but it was surprisingly well balanced. There is something understated and beautiful about this dessert that just leaves you feeling happy without being overwhelmed by sugar.

Orange Blossom Honey CakeOrange Blossom Honey Cake

My first visit to The Polite Pig at Disney Springs was one of the most enjoyable meals of the trip. The fact that it was from a quick service restaurant, just blew me away. If you're a vegetarian, whiskey lover, or just plain want some great BBQ this restaurant needs to be on your list.

Have you been to The Polite Pig yet? What did you order? Leave a comment below and let me know what I should try next time.