The Most Interesting Disney Headlines of 2015

2015 has been a fabulous year of Disney News with exciting new ventures in the Parks, changes being made to standard procedures, and interesting antics causing Disney fans to just shake their heads. Read on for some of the most interesting news titles from 2015!

Man banned from Disney Parks for life after meth lab jokeThe Most Interesting Disney News Stories of 2015

As the Magic Bands were declared a success Disney announced they would be expanding the program into areas outside of Walt Disney World. Of course, the Guests will be picking up the bill by way of an epic jump in pricing for all of the Disney Parks, and programs such as the Dining Plan, and Tables in Wonderland. While I understand that Disney has to keep its shareholders happy, one has to wonder, what kind of jump will be in store in 2016?

Regardless of the price increases, crowd levels seemed to be up not only in the Parks, but at the newly reimagined Disney Springs! The shopping and entertainment center announced a dream line-up of new restaurants from celebrity chefs such as Masaharu Morimoto, Rick Bayless, and Art Smith. In addition to the new dining - high end retailers like Lily Pulitzer, Havianas, and Sound Lion continue to move in.

Downtown Disney is officially renamed Disney Springs!Downtown Disney is officially renamed Disney Springs!

The increased traffic sometimes brings in folks I wish would have stayed home. In the category of Guests behaving badly, Man Climbs Pyramid in Epcot's Mexico Pavilion may be one of my favorite headlines of the year. I mean come on, we've all thought about it, haven't we? I'd like to think I just have more common sense than this climber, more than a few cups into enjoying Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival. Reportedly was able to avoid the security officers who were waiting for him at the bottom of the pyramid. Not everyone who breaks the rules is so lucky though, because the women who got into a Fist Fight at Epcot's Test Track were escorted away. And - a Florida Man was Banned from All Disney Parks for Life after making a joke about building a meth lab in his hotel room.

At least we can see that Disney is stepping up its game to help protect the millions of guests and visitors that make a Disney pilgrimage each year. Metal Detectors have been Installed at All Four Walt Disney World Theme Parks since December 17th, and guests entering the Parks are being randomly selected for screening. The "no bag" line, no longer means you get a pass on the security check point. In addition to Disney's new security measures, the Orange County Sheriff opened a new police substation at Walt Disney World Resort in October.

Guests Behaving Badly Brings Increased SecurityGuests Behaving Badly Brings Increased Security

Overall though, the Walt Disney World Resort is still a fantastic place for a vacation - whether it's with friends, or family, or even on your own. 2016 is looking like it will be a smashing year with some exciting things to come!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has taken the world by storm earning more than $1 Billion world-wide during it's opening weekend. That presence has also arrived in the Disney Parks, and in 2015 Disney and Star Wars fans finally get the long awaited news detailing how Star Wars Land is Coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios. A whole new Land takes a long time to build, but fear not Jedi - Star Wars Launch Bay Is Open at Disney's Hollywood Studios with memorabilia, props, and meet-and-greets. There's also a brand new Jedi Training Academy show and new Missions on Star Tours!

Star Wars Land Concept ArtStar Wars Land Concept Art

Over at Disney's Animal Kingdom construction continues on the world of Pandora and details giving fans an idea of what to expect just keep coming. The 'Rivers of Light' Nighttime Show will be making its debut sometime in 2016. What else will be coming soon? How about nighttime trips on the Kilimanjaro Safari featuring some new nocturnal animals and observations.

Rivers of Light Concept ArtRivers of Light Concept Art

Do you have a favorite piece of Disney News this year? Leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite story was!

Tom wrote on Tue, 12/29/2015 - 15:29:

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Great article, but I have one problem with your writing. You are theorizing that Disney raised prices to pay for the magic band program. While that may be partly the case, it isn't the main reason. Disney is raising prices due to simple supply and demand. Disney wants less crowding. They have limited supply (park capacity) and overwhelming demand. While it seems counterintuitive, Disney does not like big crowds because they know that leads to poor guest experience. You can find the evidence of this pretty easily. First, the new basic annual pass has blackout dates on it. Those blackout dates are the busiest weeks of the year. Also, raising single day passes while keeping hefty discounts for multi day tickets shows that are looking to discourage single day guests from clogging up the parks. I don't think you should make assumptions about why they raised prices without doing a through analysis backed by fact.

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