Pumpkin Playtime This Halloween At Disney's Animal Kingdom

The residents of Disney's Animal Kingdom are going crazy this Halloween for pumpkins! Enrichment activities create a stimulating mental environment for animals of all sorts, and those living on Disney property are no exception. That's why Disney's resident menagerie gets to spend time with toys, exploring different scents and tasting special, edible treats.

To celebrate Halloween the animal care team got creative in decorating the pumpkins and coming up with new additions, like bugs, seasonings and other tasty treats to encourage natural foraging instincts.

Enrichment programs allow for animals to make choices about how they act within their environment and encourage natural behaviors which could become lost in captivity. You never know how an enrichment toy will be welcomed, animals could eat the pumpkins, smash them to bits, or even roll them around for a while.

If you plan on being at Animal Kingdom today keep your eyes peeled for some pumpkin playtime!

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