Souvenir Sensation: Build Your Own Na’vi Necklace

One of my favorite vacation activities has always been shopping. No matter where I go, I am always looking for trinkets to bring home from my travels. As many times as I have been to Walt Disney World, I still come home with pretty new things to keep my memories bright. With new areas opening all the time, I was excited on my last trip to visit some brand new gift shops. I started out at Windtraders, the main gift shop in Pandora: The World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom. There I found a world of Na'vi treasures, including a place where I could build my own Na'vi Necklace.

Windtraders Gift ShopWindtraders Gift Shop
Na'vi Necklace As Seen In The Movie AvatarNa'vi Necklace As Seen In The Movie Avatar

In the movie Avatar, the Na'vi people adorn themselves with jewelry made from natural materials. The treasures they use as ornaments are gifts from the planet, and help to connect them in spirit. Completely unique in their embellishments, the Na'vi jewelry help them to express their own personal style. As a visitor to the World of Pandora, creating your own expression in jewelry is a great souvenir.

Guests will find the jewelry making stations tucked beneath a beautiful sculpture of banshee flying up and around a tree. The wooden workplaces are filled with beads and baubles of different colors and sizes. It's your job to mix and match the materials until you create a piece that is uniquely you. The DIY package includes 1 bracelet or necklace cord, 8 beads, and the option of 1 feather or crystal.
$19.99 plus tax, as with all things Disney prices and packages are subject to change without notice.

Windtraders Banshee SculptureWindtraders Banshee Sculpture
Build Your Own Na'vi NecklaceBuild Your Own Na'vi Necklace

I went with an airy blue theme, opting for extra feathers and a woodsprite spirit token. Woodsprites are seeds of the Tree of Souls, and according to the Na'vi are very pure and sacred spirits. I became completely entranced with them while visiting the Valley of Mo'ara. For guests not wanting to purchase the full DIY Necklace package, or those wanting to add on to it, the beads and baubles can be purchased separately.

Blue Beads And BaublesBlue Beads And Baubles

While I was never a fan of the movie Avatar, this gift shop made me want one of just about everything. The atmosphere in Windtraders is delightful with a melding of gifts full of both natural beauty and technology. While I kept my purchase to the Na'vi necklace I created, I would have loved to come home with much much more.

Have you brought home souvenirs from Pandora? Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite is!

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