Top 5 Thrill Rides at the Walt Disney World Resort

While I'm not exactly a thrill-seeker when I'm on vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort, there are a few attractions that are always on my must-do list. And yes, some of these attractions are "thrill rides." After all, as much as I love it's a small world, I would lose my mind if that is the only attraction I could ride for an entire week.

What is your favorite thrill ride at Walt Disney World? What is your favorite thrill ride at Walt Disney World?

So, in honor of the upcoming spring break crowds and because summer is just around the corner, we decided it was a good time to count down the top five thrill rides at the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks. Now, our top five might not be your top five but that could be because we aren't quite as adventurous as some. ;)

Lower those safety bars, pull up on the seatbelt latch to make sure it's secure, and please keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times. Here are our Top 5 Thrill Ride at Disney World!

5. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: I'm pretty certain my mom is still mad at me for making her ride this "family friendly coaster" during our family vacation last November. While the newest coaster at the Magic Kingdom is touted as fun for the whole family, if you aren't a fan of hills, twists, and turns this might not be the ride for you. However, if you want to laugh and scream at the same time we highly recommend getting that FastPass+ selection for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train! The rustic mine train takes riders through the Enchanted Forest and the Dwarfs' mine in addition to dropping down a steep hill or two all while the mine carts teeter back and forth. And, as much fun as this ride is during the day it's so much more exciting at night.

All the feels on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at the Magic KingdomAll the feels on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at the Magic Kingdom

4. Expedition Everest: This coaster in Disney's Animal Kingdom is a fan-favorite. And if you're a coaster enthusiast we strongly recommend this ride. If you're a fan of big drops and sudden stops and oh, racing backward into a dark mountain, by all means queue up for Expedition Everest. But, this coaster has proven to be too much for me lately. The last time I rode it with my then 10-year-old daughter I screamed the entire time. So much in fact that when the ride was over the kind woman in the seat behind me said "Honey are you OK?" Yeah. It's a bit too thrilling for some folks, apparently. ;) You go on and get that FastPass+ for Expedition Everest, I'll be waiting for you at the end of the attraction.

3. The Mountains: Of course we're talking about Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Splash Mountain. The Magic Kingdom trifecta of thrill rides. (Yes, we could have listed them individually but then we'd have a top 8 list). If you love thrill rides we suggest the 'Mountain FastPass+ Selections Day' where you make your first three selections for these attractions at the Magic Kingdom.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is deemed the "wildest ride in the wilderness" and it really is one of those can't-miss attractions at the Magic Kingdom. The speeding train takes guests through a haunted mine and into canyons and caves and it's great for the whole family!

Next door to Big Thunder Mountain is one of our favorite attractions at all of Walt Disney World: Splash Mountain. Floating along the bayou in a hollowed out log you'll float past more than 100 Audio-Animatronic figures from the Disney film Song of the South. But you know that lurking ahead is that 5-story drop into the briar patch.

We found your laughing place!We found your laughing place!

A word of caution: you WILL get wet on this ride. In order to protect your phones and cameras we suggest bringing quart or gallon size zip-top bags with you and storing them all in the bags (and in a backpack or purse) while you're on the ride. Also, 'Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah' will be stuck in your head all day.

And finally, there is Space Mountain. I have a love/hate relationship with this attraction. While it is thrilling and exciting, the whole total darkness thing is not my favorite aspect of the ride. Sure you're only going about 35 mph on the ride but since you're in total darkness it feels MUCH faster. (You're actually going faster on Big Thunder Mountain). But my oldest daughter loves this ride so I sacrifice myself every time we're at the Magic Kingdom. The things we do for our kids.

Test Track is a can't-miss thrill ride at Epcot!Test Track is a can't-miss thrill ride at Epcot!

2. Test Track: This is hands down one of my favorite attractions in all of Walt Disney World. And since you don't have to choose between a FastPass+ for Soarin' versus Test Track while Soarin' is shut down, you need to get that Test Track FP when you're at Epcot! (Although the standby queue is pretty cool too). After designing your concept car guests will board the ride vehicles and be put through a series of tests including a responsiveness test and other "capability tests." The final test is the power test when the vehicles increase their speed and make several turns on the track, banking at 50-degree angles. This last leg of the ride is thrilling and sometimes it feels as if you're going faster than 65-mph.

You really don't want to miss Test Track. It's that much fun.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride on Test Track!Buckle up and enjoy the ride on Test Track!

1. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror: I have a confession to make: I never rode Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios until 2015 when my then 8-year-old said we had to ride it. Yes, I was shamed into riding a thrill ride by my kid. And now, I absolutely love this ride. There's a reason it's at the top of the list: because it embodies everything a thrill ride should be. It's terrifying and fun at the same time. I get nervous just walking into the lobby of the Hollywood Tower Hotel and once we make it to the basement to load into the ride vehicles I have sweaty palms and my heart is racing. Then we're launched into the dark corridors of the hotel and I know there's no turning back. And then...

The elevator drops down the elevator shaft and then launches back up toward the sky. The elevator doors open and you can see the outside for just a brief moment before you're once again plunged into darkness. Every time you ride Tower of Terror you'll have a different sequence of drops, which just adds to the fun (and terror). And then, when it's all over all you can think is "let's do that again!" That is the mark of a perfect thrill ride!

The best thrill ride of them all!The best thrill ride of them all!

So that's our top 5 list but there are some honorable mentions including Dinosaur at Disney's Animal Kingdom, Rock 'n Roller Coaster at Disney's Hollywood Studios (it goes upside down which is why we avoid it), and Mission: Space which I will never ride. Ever.

What is your favorite thrill ride at Walt Disney World? We'd love to hear about them in the comments!

Aleigh wrote on Tue, 03/15/2016 - 15:42:

Aleigh's picture

My mom still reminds my sister & I that we made her ride 7 Dwarfs as well. My sis & I had bought a Grumpy doll to surprise her after the ride and told her you get a surprise after riding. She sat with me and grabbed hold of me the whole time lol. We were there in November as well.

awspeck wrote on Wed, 03/16/2016 - 00:49:

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How about Rockin Roller Coaster and Mission Space? (7 dwarfs a thrill ride - come on!)

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