When do you start planning for your Walt Disney World trip? [Facebook fans]

Earlier this month, we asked our Walt Disney World for Grownups Facebook fans, "When do YOU start planning for an upcoming WDW trip? 1 year ahead? 6 months ahead? A week ahead?"

We got some great answers from our Facebook community. Here are some highlights:

1+ years of planning

For those traveling in from a long distance, even overseas, the planning starts very early, at a year or more. Here's what they had to say:

Kellie H. said, "4 years. Coming from the other side of the world you have to."

Cindy H. said, "Coming from England and usually doing 3 weeks, it's a good year to year and half. That way we can have good spends and Disney Dining Plan."

Catherine M. said, "Usually about a year to 18 months... love the planning."

Julie I. said, "1 year in advance. Planning is almost as much fun!"

Patricia H. said, "I am saving and planning to spend my 50th birthday at WDW and that's not for another 5 years!"

6 months to a year

Six months out seems to be a common answer for many, especially with dining reservations available at 180 days prior. Here's what our Facebook community fans had to say:

Terrie G. said, "Usually about 6 months...but save quarters in a huge jar labeled "Mickey Money" all the time!"

Sarah S. said, "I've always done it at least 6 months ahead."

Laurie B. said, "Usually am planning what to do next time when I am there... the serious planning is usually about 6 months out."

Jeanne C. said, "I started by booking my flights in January 2011 for our trip in Nov 2011. Now I am a little over six months out and have just purchased our tickets for the Christmas Party and will be booking restaurants the end of this month. I am now reading every night my Disney books, I am also planning my next trip for 2013 for my 60th birthday. (ya just a big child at heart)."

Right away!

Other say they begin planning while they're still AT Disney World, or right as they're leaving:

Keith B. said, "5 minutes after I leave the Greater Orlando area."

Suzy G. said, "As soon as I get home."

Denise R. said, "How about while we're still there?"

Tammy K. said, "Yeah, I think we almost have to plan the next trip before we leave..."

Jimmie R. said, "As soon as we pull out of the main gate, headed home."

Maureen R. said, "As soon as I leave Disney World..."

Roz H. said, "We start before we even leave property from our current vacation! Gotta get good use out of those PAPs!"

When do you typically start planning for your next Disney World vacation? Leave a comment below!

katrina1122 wrote on Wed, 05/18/2011 - 14:27:

katrina1122's picture

I'm always planning, I just may not have a date or even a year in mind yet.!

ocean134 wrote on Wed, 05/18/2011 - 16:38:

ocean134's picture

I am always planning and the begging the family to want to go back. Everyone usuallys caves in and then I am really off to plan. We plan anywhere between a fews months out or up to a year prior. Some trips are last minute, spur of the moment where others are planned way in advance.

Barbara Sypien wrote on Wed, 05/18/2011 - 18:33:

Barbara Sypien's picture

We have Florida resident passes so we usually go once a month if we're not on a Disney ship. Done that 44 times and still counting.

JeffC wrote on Mon, 05/23/2011 - 00:37:

I start planning the minute we leave! I start by deciding the year and month and then go from there. Hard-core planning gets under way about 6-8 months before.

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