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Reedy Creek Proposing to End Special Operations and Response Team

The Reedy Creek Improvement District, the county-level government agency that provides fire and rescue services to the Walt Disney World Resort, is proposing an end to its special operations and response team. The team is trained to rescue people from collapsed building among other jobs.

Disney Offers to Raise Minimum Wage at Walt Disney World over the Next Two Years

In an effort to match the federal minimum wage sought by President Barack Obama, the Walt Disney Company has offered to increase pay for workers at the Walt Disney World Resort by 25 percent over the next two years

This increase would take the minimum wage rate for hourly Walt Disney World Resort employees to $10 an hour.

Unionized Walt Disney World Employees Preparing to Negotiate for Higher Wages

Nearly 37,000 unionized employees at the Walt Disney World Resort are preparing to negotiate for higher wages when their contract expires next month.

The workers are represented by six different local unions as part of a coalition called the Services Trade Council.