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'Poster Art of the Disney Parks' Book Coming to Disney Parks Soon

It's a book that's been four years in the making, and now it's almost ready to make its debut in Disney Parks Stores. "Poster Art of the Disney Parks," the creation of Disney Imagineers Vanessa Hunt and Danny Handke, showcases posters utilized by Disney to convey the essence of its theme parks and attractions.

The book includes over 300 posters and concepts, including some "never before seen" prints and almost all of the original 1950's Disneyland posters. Says author and Imagineer Hunt about her book:

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Hide Out at The Writers Stop

I'm not sure what I love more about this charming little spot is. It's got the perfect atmosphere for an afternoon break, there's a feeling of warmth that you find down at your community bookstore combined with some beautiful Disney merchandise, and some of the best snacks in all of Walt Disney World.